Capital Action

Post #474

So we were on this Route 66 (sort of) trip and on Saturday we took a right turn off of I-40 and headed north.  I just had to see the Santa Fe Trail.  We dumped onto the trail just west of Las Vegas (New Mexico that is) and followed a beautiful path into Santa Fe.  I can image how pioneer travelers loved coming that route, although in this day and age it is an easier travel.

We headed directly for the capital and luckily the GPS kept us from messing up on the strange layout of one way streets.  Also surprising was that parking meters were enforced on Saturday!  Their legislature was in session so a full complement of guards, and tour guides were available, although we were the only ones seemly interested in a guide. One of the halls held pictures of all of the prior territorial governors preceding State Governors. Even the First Lady had her own office in the capital!

The guided tour was extremely interesting and after working for years in and around the Indiana State Capital, New Mexico’s Capital was extremely modern.  Moving on into town there were many Old Towne Shops ready and willing to part us from our money.  And they (the shops) were really pricy!!

As we continued on our trip days later, we’d pick up snippets of news.  In one broadcast there was talk of the New Mexico Legislature passing a particular new law, similar to one in California, which was the elimination of Columbus Day as a recognized holiday and replacing it in Indigenous Persons Day.  I was shocked.  How could they change that day?  I decided it must because they were so far west of the original colonies.  The colonies, that so earnestly believed that it was because of Columbus “finding the new world”,  that they were given the opportunity for a new beginning.   The New Mexico change was based upon the determination that 17% of its residents are indigenous.  I’ve thinking on this. Why?  Well, to an old guy like me, it seems to be the beginning of a lack of unification of this county.  Oh well, it’s only New Mexico and California.  (after all can you expect from California?)  So I’ve just completed my research and Yes, New Mexico, and California now recognize Indigenous Persons Day so does Alaska AND Minnesota!  What’s wrong with these people?  Further, not only these, but so to did Vermont and Maine change!!

Actually, thinking of Minnesota, I’m surprised they didn’t make it Leaf Ericson Day! Now, as I see us being segregated I would expect to find that Texas would disavow July 4th Independence day in favor of the date that Santa Anna was defeated and Texas won its independence from Mexico!

Man or Man, what once was common to us all is now leaning toward separatism.

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The Barren Land

Post #473

So I was standing in the kitchen the other day talking on the phone, rejoicing in the spring like day that we were having.  As I engrossed in the call I was oblivious to my outside surroundings.  Near the end of my conversation, I noted the beauty of a flock of Cardinals, our state bird gingerly walking and pecking at the ground. HEY!!!

As I’ve indicated before we live in a woods and we summer in Minnesota, so, I don’t give much attention to the healthfulness of our yard.  But I do know that being surrounded by a forest robs you ground of nutrients needed for plants, flowers and grass; which brings to our grass. Over the last few years our grass has been replaced by chickweed and moss.  I’ve been attacking the moss with copper sulfate a moss killer.  On my bare spots I’ve been spreading grass seed.  One area I coated a couple of years ago and looked so fine is back to a desert!  Last week, I had spread enough seed for 3000 square feet into a 900 square foot area.  Which brings me back to the Cardinals, they were gorging themselves on MY GRASS SEED!  I went out for a look and almost NO grass seed remained.  Interspersed with the seed was Weed and Feed fertilizer.

As I walked away, I my reflected to my youth, when my father decided to bring some chicks home.  He placed them in a box in our attached garage.  We could hear them cheep all night in bedrooms at the other end of the house. I can’t remember the purpose of the chicks, eggs or frying, I wasn’t that interested at the time.  Soon the chicks began dropping over, one by one, dead to the world, forever.  It dawned on my father that he had thrown some dirt/gravel into the chicks box, which had been fertilized!  Yep, as they pecked away at the dirt they were poisoning themselves with fertilizer.

I turned and looked back at the Cardinals, pecking away at the seeded and fertilized lawn.  I wondered if I would soon see them dropping from the trees.  Wonder what the penalty is for accidently killing the state bird?


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