Father’s Day

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Our regular routine on Sunday morning is to arrive at Patrick’s for breakfast meeting with two to four friends or more if anyone’s got company.  Our regular arrival time is at least 9:30, that gets us and our orders in before the “big” crowd pushes in the door.  Up north, these places are called “supper clubs”, just another name for a bar with dinner seating.  Patrick’s serves breakfast only on Saturday and Sunday.  On those Sunday’s we get a chance to talk about fishing and family members and then more fishing.  We get finished in time to drive over to the Community Church for the late service, 10:45.  Actually, 10:45 is their ONLY service, I just call it late.  When we were first looking for a church to attend, I only wanted to try the churches with early services so that my fishing time wasn’t greatly interrupted.  It turned out that after 2 years of looking the only church we really liked had the latest start time, go figure.  I guess God was telling me to screw my head on right.

Away, it’s Father’s Day, breakfast is finished and we’re driving across town, (well the town, Longville, MN., is only 3 blocks wide so it’s a short drive).  There, walking down the middle of the road is Bruno.  I roll down my window and yell, “HI, BRUNO!”.  Bruno, glances my way, and keeps on trotting on down the double yellow line. Bruno is famous, locally, well state wide anyway. (http://www.kare11.com/news/local/land-of-10000-stories/dog-becomes-legendary-for-daily-walks-to-town/304369559)  Longville is the only town I know of that has adopted a dog that no one owns.  Adopted may be to light a term, since the town has erected a momument in his honor.

Now, you need to understand, every day, Bruno makes the trip from about four miles out of town, down the road, into town.  He visits various businesses, lays beside certain doorways, and then moves on.  It’s his common routine.

It’s Father’s Day, Bruno glances at me when I greeted him but keeps looking forward and walking that way.  He has a goal, a destination, a purpose.  Sort of made me think about Father’s Day.  Father’s who have a goal to protect, encourage and support their families.

Longville, Mn. the town that erected a monument to a dog that no one owns, but who adopted a town.  Bruno, the dog that serves up many different examples of encouragement to his family, the town and people he’s adopted.

Hi, Bruno!!!

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It’s My Birthday

Post #391

Today is my birthday!   Those days are always special.  Day’s to remember.

We’re at our summer fishing/relaxation place.  So today my fishing partner and I went out looking for BIG FISH.  Well truthfully, we always look for big fish..

My fishing partner got two LITTLE ones….I got none!!

The DNR Enforcement Officer stopped by to wish me a happy birthday, luckily, I wasn’t in violation of anything and so he didn’t get to give me any gifts!

Then while driving the boat under a bridge a bird swooped down and DUMPED one right on my chin…..

Yep, birthdays are special and meant to be remembered!!!

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