Why are YOU here?

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I’ve looked around at a number of differing churches.  Churches have different “proof” requirements, some are snake biters, some dunkards, some tongue talkers, then there are those that merely expect or demand that hair, dresses, or pants be a certain length or color, or that hats or beards be required.   In 1990 85% of the United States population professed to be Christian.  Today only 45% of the population state they attend church.

One of the most difficult problems that churches deal with today is growth or more specifically, lack of growth. It seems that the pre-college age youth are pulled away from church.  The Federal Government has mandated expanded sporting programs for all genders and ages.  Schools high school and colleges have expanded sporting events throughout the week, leaving nothing open for church youth programs.  Parents wanting their children to experience sports outside of school enroll them in intramural and traveling programs.  If the youth are not in sporting events then they’re engrossed in electronic games.  Sitting in a church program is too dull and slow moving to keep kids  interest excited!   The music and messages of most churches are boring and the members are old grandparent types.  Most church people are hypocrites so why associate with them?  “These church hypocrites keep pointing a finger at me for doing what they do all the time!” So says the youth.

I just finished a second reading of a book that I had read a long time ago, by a guy named Yancy, “What’s so Amazing about Grace”.  He has so many examples that they’re too many to mention here, but ONE train of thought jumped out at me.

“Jesus came to earth to show us grace.  Jesus died on the cross to show us the Grace of God.   And, finally, the most graceLESS people on earth are Christians” . Yancy explains that while Christians are given Grace, they don’t know how to show it or live it or share it.   Maybe that’s why young people don’t like church.

My wife and I have a history of changing churches every ten years or so. It used to be because of moving, more recently it was the ever changing politically correct theology that causes our searching. Even though we leave a church we believe we have established friendships that remain.  Not long ago we returned to a former church for a funeral.  In fact, we attended two different funerals at that church a couple of years apart.  Both times different people confronted us with “Why are YOU here?”.   I think Yancy may be right.  We are graceful to our click, but graceless to anyone outside our club.  Somethings just not right about that.  What’s so Amazing about Grace?; the affect true gracefulness has on one and another.

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Puppets on a String!

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Well it’s Election Day 2018 and it looks like a record turnout.  At the moment, it’s hard to tell if it’s a for or against turnout.  I’ve been voting since Richard Nixon was running for President and I hate to say it but after all these years it seems like “it don’t matter” who you elect. NO ONE keeps their promises.

I remember when Obama was elected and we were promised a (national) health care.  The Republican complaint was that that bill was too big to read and understand.  The Democratic defense was as we got closer to “problem years” we’d go back and fix it then!  The REAL promise was that health costs were decrease/diminish or be better.

Did any of you see Hospital bills decline?  Did any of you see medicine costs go down?  Did any of you see doctors charges diminish?  How about your dentists?  Did any of you, that were already paying for medical insurance see your premiums go down?  No you didn’t, your premiums when up, and your out of pocket costs went up.  I see that people business owners could opt through the state health care exchange and purchase medical insurance at 90% less that they had been before Obama Care.  The reason is that Insurance Premium costs are based on income not the millions of dollars of assets that’s owned.  Businesses can manipulate reported income.

The recent trend is to say that there are TOO many COSTLY ENTITLEMENTS.  It is claimed that entitlements are breaking the bank.  I’ve got to wonder what people think entitlements are?   Those on Social Security believe it’s everyone getting benefit while never contributing. Those who are working think it’s everyone getting ANY check from the Government.

After years of Baby Boomers paying into the Government Health care either through Medicare or general taxes to subside the payouts to parents, grandparents and all non-working beneficiaries,  it was determined that recipients today should pay in more.  In fact the older you get the more you should pay.  Generally, a person on Medicare has their premiums increase nearly every year, as does the premium of any supplemental insurance they carry.

To not “OVERBURDEN” younger contributors, Obama Care would require that not only would premiums continue to increase for older people BUT they would be INCREASED at a rate of THREE TIMES

The Republicans didn’t like this clause, so they, under what’s been dubbed RYAN Care, have eliminated the three times rate and made it a FIVE TIMES increase!

Based on Beckers Hospital Review July 2017;

The average salary for a hospital CEO is $200,000 a year.

The average salary for a Pharmaceutical CEO is $25,000.000 per year.

The average salary for a Health Insurance CEO is $24,500,000 per year.

Here’s was disconcerting, our elected officials are being manipulated like puppets!  Pick a political party, it doesn’t matter!  They are trying to run a socialized medicine pla, while costs are being dictated, manipulated and set by a free enterprise system.

Our elected officials need to that their heads out of the darkness and either jump into socialized medicine, (every country that has socialized medicine sees a drop in medical care) or go back to what we had in 60’s and 70’s, Major Medical Coverage only.

Like i said, it’s election day, and it doesn’t seem to matter WHO you elect, their all puppets on a string.

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