Don’t Take Your Guns to Town Son

Post #398  “….Leave your guns at home Bill, Don’t take your Guns to town…”

The trouble with being older is that you’ve experienced so many things.  Like this 1958 Johnny Cash song that’s gotten stuck in my head!!

If you’ve watched the news the last six days, you can’t help but be inundated with the events of Charlottesville.  I can expect that this story will last at least another six days or until some other social uprising occurs.

I never wanted to become an attorney, but I was required to take a law course once.  There was one primary principle that stuck with me, that is “My Rights under the Law”, that was and still is that it is my right, under the Constitution to disagree with you.  However, my right ONLY extends from the distance between my fist and your nose!  Once my fist touches your nose, I’ve lost my right.

I can’t begin to determine how many times I’ve seen the news footage on the clash between the Neo Nazi’s and those opposing them.  It’s difficult to determine who, but many people were carrying shields and sticks!  It’s as if they “took their guns to town”, wanting to prove their position.   My law class seemed to indicate that you could stand on the corner and express your opinion (although today’s “political correctness” tends to curtail that right) and someone could stand on the opposite corner and express their disagreement  Don’t lose your right by going beyond verbal expression!

At 9/11 the news removed replaying the footage of planes flying into the Twin Towers, fearing the trauma it bestowed on children.   I think we were better off in the “good old days” when news wasn’t instantaneous and recorded by every cell phone in the neighborhood.  It’s just that cell phone footage never captures the entire events leading up to a situation.  I’m usually up early so I watch the Morning News, there are reasons I won’t watch either the ABC nor the NBC Morning programs, so I’m relegated to the CBS. Yes, I know their opinionated stances show through.  But, today I lost my respect for the CBS Morning show. I wasn’t really focused on the clip, but as it ended the lady reporter made a comment about “Mr.” Trump.  Sure I know Trump is not liked by CBS (nor any other new agency), but when did he lose his office?   Like it or not, he is President Trump, just as was Obama, Bush, Clinton or Lincoln, they all held the office and should be referred as such.  Charlie Rose followed that clip with an interview, (still on the Charlottesville events) and question the guest with “Should Trump be President?”.  Walter Cronkite must be turning over in his grave!!!!!

National news have given these Neo Nazi’s a platform, and it’s being exploited.  I visited Stone Mountain in Georgia last year.  I’m glad I got to see the carvings before their soon-to-be-removal. It was quite and engineering feat to produce those images. Although a person currently running for Governor wants them removed.  It would seem that anything associated with the promotion, recognition or acceptance of racism should and will be abolished. Certainly in the plans will be the elimination of the recognition of famous slaveholders; which should include the removing Jefferson and Washington’s faces from Mount Rushmore. We can save some time studying history, by rewriting the text books to indicate that there was a disagreement amongst the states and the north one. Copies of books discussing the battles and focus of the civil war can be burned and no additional divisive materials produced.

Well, I guess I’ve run this into the ground enough. Let’s me close this with “Don’t take your guns to town son, leave your guns at home Bill…..”  Oh, Yes, and National News; QUIT promoting DISSENSION!

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Let a Smile

Post #397  I remember this song from my youth, “Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella……”   It had a catchy tune, but I didn’t understand the relevance, since the shape an umbrella looked more like a frown.  There were happy smiling people that always explained that “It takes less muscles to smile than to frown”.

How do they know that?  Were they medical students that counted facial muscles?  I think your smile is dictated by the design of your cheeks.  My cheeks tended to be full and plump….can I say that?  Anyway my smile has always been straight across never having an up turned nature.

In the summer time we do quite a bit of fishing here in Minnesota.  I carry a camera in the boat to take a picture of any nice fish caught (however my wife tends to use the camera for sunset shots!) I noticed that in a recent picture, my face appeared to frowning. Incredible, I was happy with THAT fish!

I looked in the mirror the other day and discovered that my smile drooped. I guess my cheeks have fallen, along with everything else. I practiced smiling, trying to get my lips to go up….didn’t happen….the best I could muster was almost a straight line. Now, I know why some people open their mouths for a picture, it’s suppose to represent a smile.   I can’t do that, people who know me will just think I’m talking, like always.

Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy, rainy day…… I guess that means you shouldn’t be gloomy during troubled times.  I guess I just need to be satisfied that my frown is what I’ve got……..

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