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Post #465  I live with and around a number of book readers, of which I’m not one.  I’ve known people that would rather read an book than watch television.  (How outdated is that??)  I was born in the era immediately post television, during television expansion.  How can ANYONE want to sit down, read some words to form images in your mind to created a pictured story when you can easily sit down in front of the television and have the story presented in action and sound!  I’ve even known people that can read a book at the same time they watch television!  I have the unique ability or some may call it adversity to complete forget or space out on what I’ve just viewed on television!  (There must be a dead spot in my head)  I’ve got grandchildren, however, that can recite movies, scene by scene, and often word for word. How do they do that?

I guess the reason that I’m not an avid reader is typified by my television viewing.  I am an extremely slow reader, along with my “lack of speed” is a lack of comprehension.  So, just like lack of television retention, I have a lack of reading retention, comprehension. There are subjects that do grab my attention, that allow me to retain more than the usual modicum of knowledge, such as History, Mysteries, and Westerns.  Leaning toward the OC (obsessive compulsive) nature I like to do lists (of projects), but once a list is made, it must be achieved in order.  NO skipping around. Just take one item at a time.  I took one of those stupid tests in college, you know a 25 T/F question test that begins with read over the entire test before beginning.  When you to get to bottom it says just sign your name and turn in the test!  Well, I know it was designed to see who were followers of instructions and who was not.  But THEY never took into account OC people.  It was like a list, you start at the top, you do one question at a time and continue to the bottom. I guess you know how I did on the test!!!  I’ve known people that read a book, by beginning it, getting a drift of what’s happening then jumping to the conclusion.  Once they’ve read the ending then they go back and read the entire text.  Wow, how strange.

The bible is another book that grabs my interest, although scripture memory falls into that area of fog that envelopes my brain.  I have read a lot of the bible from the historical side, and from the Mystery side (Prophecies) the Psalms, however, tend to not interest me.  ( I guess you can see I’m not one for poems.)  Actually the bible is one of those books that can be read the beginning and the ending and that will give the a good handle on its subject.

To give you the picture:

-In  the beginning, God created a Paradise and set up man a manager.

-In the end, God creates a Paradise and sets up man as manager.

Once you read the beginning and end, those of you so inclined can go back and read the middle, the content.  That’s where man screwed up, makes poor decisions and mismanages the earth’s resources and his life for thousands of years and various examples.  If you read my last blog (#464), its during this middle time where man is on a Walk-a-bout, wandering, lost, apart from God.

So, here it is nearly Christmas, when we are to remember that Christ was born to help us out of our walk-a-bout and back to a relationship with Him.

Merry Christmas!

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Post #464  I happened to catch a portion of the movie “Quigley Down Under” the other day on one of our over-the-air tv channels.  You the kind of channel that cuts out movie scenes to include more sales information.  Well I was watching that movie and it dawned on me that a movie that not been aired recently, at least in our neck-of-the woods is Crocodile Dundee.

I used to love that movie.  I liked the story line about Dundee being married.  Lest you forget, the newspaper lady asked if he’d been married.  He says “sure, but one day he decided to a walk-a-bout”. She asks, “what’s a walk-a-bout”?  He replies “that’s when you get up and go walk about” (the country).  “When I got back she was gone. ” “How long were you gone”, she asks, Oh about three years he says. She sarcastically responds, “surprised she was gone”.   “Me too”, he says.

Well I may not remember the the words exactly, but that’s pretty much the jest of the conversation.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that walk-a-bout.  I’ve been thinking a lot about our lives.  I think we are continually in a walk-a-bout.  Ever since we were “discharged” from the Garden of Eden, we all have been on a long long walk-a-bout. We just seem to be wandering through life with little directed purpose, looking for something. Most of us seem to be looking for some sort of connection, some attachment, some continuity to our existence.

Maybe we need to get out the compass and head back to our point of origin.  Go back and reconsider my closing thoughts in Blog #461a.  Where is your point of origin.  Maybe the term Origin is a clue!

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