Me vs. The Clown

Post #454  I’ve been thinking about clowns.  Although I’ve not seen or met one recently.  But, thinking back, I guess I don’t understand them.  I think they’re suppose to be an extension or exaggeration of some sort of feeling. Is that suppose to be a smile or frown?  A tear on the cheek explains sadness to me…but others?  Some people are frightened of clowns, I’m just indifferent.  And then along came Ronald, the clown to make kids happy and demand that their parents buy Happy Meals!  As of recent, they’ve seem to have put Ronald away.

I don’t get to a McDonald’s often, just a few times a year.  I’ve out grown the Happy Meals the toys are cheap.  But something caused me to stop in to a local one this spring that was recently remodeled.

Yes, I mentioned before that I’m getting older.  It’s not “playing” on my mind (much) other than there are MANY parts of my body that now talk to me or some that just ignore me!  Of the many aspects of lost youth is lost understanding.  I’ve determined, however, that it’s not that we (older’s) have lost our understanding, it’s just that things are moving OR changing so fast that we are not in the outer world of change.  We tend to circulate among the inner world of more familiarity, we can exist without change. One of those rapidly changing areas is computers, and computer simile items. Actually computers are simple, it’s the ever changing software functions.

Which brings me back to walking into the newly remodeled McDonald’s with the three new touch screen ordering menus.  It must have been the first week, for there was an employee-helper there to walk me through the process.   The only draw back to the “smooth” running event was my desire to pay cash, which caused me to go to the register.

I have watched the McDonald’s process and I see a real problem, from a managerial-efficiency stand point.  They are trying to be all things to all people.  The new part is touch, pay with plastic, sit down and be delivered.  The variation is touch, go to register, pay with cash, sit down and be delivered.   Then there’s the old stand by, ignore the touch screen go to the counter, order, pay and wait or go to table for delivery.

On the way to Minnesota I stopped at the Black River Falls McDonald’s, did the touch screen, went to the counter to pay cash, something got messed up, I think it was the counter helpers first day, much confusion existed, but I was cool!

On the way home from Minnesota, I stopped again, at the Black River Falls McDonald’s (I like the Big Mac-although I opted for 2 cheese burgers), did the touch screen (all of the old fogies were doing the, “I’m not changing what I do” method) and I decided to skip the register and use plastic, which failed and I was sent to the register to pay!  Delivery was quick, but they forgot my coffee.  I still think that this is not an efficient operation, it pulls behind the scenes employees out into the traffic flow!

Back to this clown business.  I’m  certain Ronald doesn’t know what he’s doing here, too many different avenues to maneuver through, sort like driving around Atlanta looking for Peach Tree Street, or was that Avenue, Lane or Road?

But, I am determined, I am NOT touch screen challenged.  I will beat this clown….one of these days.


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Hitting a Sour Note

Post #453  Well,  it’s the beginning of another NFL Football season here in the U.S. and controversy again swells around the National Anthem and Colin Kaepernick.  The NFL took a definitive stand (no pun intended) concerning kneeling during the anthem, and then was threaten and reversed itself.

The “Greatest Generation” that lined up to go to war to protect democracies around the world has nearly faded into oblivion. They proudly planted the flag at Iwo Jima, and stood for the national anthem and removed their hats before the playing of it. We recently buried John McCain, deemed to be a hero in an ill-conceived “conflict”.  It was these type of people who believed in this country, with all of its faults.  They deemed this country better than any other one. They would never NOT stand before the flag and anthem in remembrance of those that gave their lives,  so that the rest of us could remain free.

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to “fix” this continued flare up.  First we need to determine where it all began. This playing of a national anthem began in baseball, merely as an after thought, during the 7th inning stretch, so the research says. Later, it was moved to the Opening Ceremony of the baseball season and then the beginning of the world series games. The whole thing was then morphed into the beginning of every sporting event.  In subtle truth, the playing became its own contest, seeing who could use the biggest flag, shoot the biggest canon or entice the most famous singer to tackle the songs’ most difficult notes.

Secondly, the starting salary for an NFL rookie is $480,000, fifteen times more than the starting salary of an Indiana teacher. The overall average salary of NFL football players is $1.9 Million or 35.8 times the average salary of an Indiana High School teacher. I can’t be the first person say that our priorities are misplaced.  So, back to Mr. Kaepernick who feels he’s been slighted by the NFL and “squeezed out” of making millions of dollars all the while being paid by Nike for doing nothing.  I respect your right to have and express and opinion on racial disparity.  But Marin Luther King was someone who put his heart, soul and faith into that cause, not just his knee.  So Mr. Kaepernick, let’s see you really doing something to help the cause of equality.

It is this country’s lack of perspective that allows men and women to be paid excessive amounts of money to play children’s games.  We tend to live vivaciously though our sports teams cheering for things we could never or no longer can do. So maybe what should be done is to have the people that get paid these amounts be required to donate half of their money to education, so the less fortunate (who they claim to represent) can learn and earn quality jobs?

How about the most reasonable and quickest fix to this problem.  Just quit playing the National Anthem at sporting events!  It’s not anything that’s mandated nor required, it’s just a way to get everybody’s attention before a game begins.  So, just drop the anthem, and instead, blow a whistle or horn, anything!

Fixed!  Controversy solved. Let the games begin!

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