National Egg Industry

I have this beef…..many of you have heard this..over and over…but to the uninitiated…here is it….

I recently went to the grocery store…an event I rarely (am allowed) to do (by myself) any more…….and after having just returned…let me rant on this point..


Ok, so my wife was out of town, visiting our newest granddaughter, and I was left to fend for myself for few weeks.  Things were going smoothly, at least in my minds eye, when I realize my vacation was nearing an end; that meant the wife was return home AND she would be bringing our kids and the newest addition home.  Vistors means meals, meals mean food, and I had been left alone–the pantry was barren.

Back to Re-sizing:

What brought this to mind was sugar….checking the pantry before leaving for the grocery store this morning, I thought I’d better pick up a 5 lb. bag of sugar….yeah
right, did you know that the 5 lb bag is now 4 lbs.  At least the Valu variety.

Which really honks me….. in order to not offend the (wallet of the) consumer, ‘they’ re-size the package downward and only slightly re-size the price upward…  I’m sure we’ve all seen it, but let’s put it all together.

Did you know….
That the 32 oz jar of Jiff is now 28 oz..

We used to make fudge, which uses; 16 oz bag of chocolate chips-now it’s a 12 oz; 8 oz. pkg of Hershey chocolate bars, which were downsized to 6 and now 4.4 oz. and marshmallow cream which was an 8 oz. jar is now 6 oz. –can you comprehend how that affects your

 Can goods (pumpkin, tomato sauce etc) that were 16 oz. are now 15 oz.

When was the last time you bought a 1/2 gallon of ice cream??  Can’t be
done, it’s not out there…  The first down size was a few ounces short of a half-gallon, yesterday I noticed the half-gallon is NOW a pint short!!   I suppose that next year the half-gallon will only be a quart..

We used to buy coffee in 3 lb cans…today, that large can is actually 2 lbs and 2.5 oz…  Wow, that’s a 28% decrease in size!!

My Grudge–actually rests with the National Egg Industry—-I lay this at their feet, this is ALL their fault…35 years ago…is when it all began…!!!!
The Industry couldn’t down size, whose going to buy 10 eggs and call it a dozen? 35 years ago all of those eggs that you are buying today that are called Large were
called Medium!!  Yep, you see it, don’t you?  They couldn’t change the number, so they just redefined the criteria.  We never had JUMBO eggs when I was young, they only came in EXTRA LARGE or less..  Yesterday’s small eggs  (which you could hardly give away) are today’s Medium eggs, sought by cholesterol conscious consumers. Wait, if you really want a jolt, open a carton of Jumbo Eggs and a carton of Extra Large Eggs, side by side.  You will see two or three of the Jumbo eggs are SAME SIZE as the those in the Extra Large Carton!  Same is true for the Extra Large compared to the Large. A few of the extra-large are the same size as the large….Are you getting what you think you are paying for??

I hold the National Egg Industry, entirely responsible for this national catastrophe!!! Why couldn’t they have followed MacDonald’s and Super Sized everything??  Then again who really cares?  Who opens a cook book and takes flour, baking powered, salt, sugar, butter and eggs and bakes anything today?

Maybe I’m just suppose to buy a box, nuke it, shut-up and be happy….yeah that’s really me!!


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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2 Responses to National Egg Industry

  1. kristy says:

    I’m with you until we get to the eggs – still trying to understand how smaller eggs cost farmers less. Are they smaller chickens that take less food to feed? Or are the chicken suppliers downsizing their chickens to the farmers? A vicious cycle.

    • tgriggs17 says:

      The farmer always loses out, its the company that wins. The medium eggs you buy today for $1 are the ones in my youth were called small. No one wanted small eggs…so the (size) definition of small was merely relabled to medium and the price was increased.

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