Buy American!!

A recent ABC evening news series stated that America, today, is at a 70 year low when it comes to manufacturing output.  In one of the clips, it was stated that “IF’ Americans just each spent $3.50 (more) just on American made products, it would create 10,000 more American jobs!  Wow.

I began looking around….humph, I may need some help with this…Yes, I’ve been hearing that the United States is moving from a manufacturing to a service country…but golly, all of a sudden, I see what they mean.

What does made in America mean?  Looks like all my clothes are foreign….I began looking at new vehicles not long ago….America’s big 3, up to 40% of the vehicle is not made in the U.S.  I live in an area with a relatively new, foreign auto manufacturing plant.  All the machinery used in that plant was made in the “home-land” of the foreign manufacturer…so can we really say this car is “made in the U.S.A.?  As I drive by, I’m-a-thinking, this doesn’t look like a foundry……so…..the auto parts must be made elsewhere, shipped in and assembled…..

How did we get here?  Well, I’m not going to bash President Obama, there’s enough of that going around and historians will sort that out……..because this really began years ago…  The U.S of A, lost its manufacturing and economic ‘clout’ just before the GATT and NAFTA treaties.  The treaties opened the door for all other countries to freely participate in the race for the American wallet.  Each member was restricted from giving “local” business special treatment–just ask Minnesota who was sued by Canada for imposing a tax on imported beer that was not charged to local breweries.  I hate to say this, but the U.S.A. was “bullied” by the other nations, threatened with embargos and tariffs, if we didn’t participate.  Bullied?  Absolutely, and yet, American steel, which we once were so proud of, no longer measures up to that shipped from Germany, (whose government subsidizes, their steel manufacturing).  Or what about research, Japan subsidizes their countries research..we fend for ourselves.  And China, our new economic partner, is tops in ‘knock-offs”.  I hear that nothing manufactured anywhere, shipped to China, is safe from copying.  Cargo ships larger than oil super tankers, leave China bound for the U.S. loaded with goods, but leave the U.S. empty on it return to China…  I think I recall China NOT being a GATT remember….

Is all of this the root of our problem, no—-our free enterprise system, research, inventions, openness, union supported, entrepreneur rich country has created a robust economy…one where everyone else wants a piece of the ‘action’.  Their labor is less expensive, making the price cheaper than equivalents made here, becuause they don’t have a free enterprise system with private research, inventions, openness, unions supported, or an entrepreneur rich population……our money just goes there…

So, back to this….let’s Buy American!!!   Would someone just please point me to the American store…


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