Cows-Part 1

My youngest son, asked that re-tell my cow story…   ???? Cow story, I wasn’t sure what or which he meant..  So, I’ll address the best that I have…..
No Pets!!!

As every one of my stories goes…..there is a long prolog……
We were living in the country, in what you all know as the “first house”. as you enter the lane… My grandparents house, being the second house.
Dad decided that since we owned the woods and since we had a year round sping; we/he had dug into the hill side set a large tile to collect the water then ran a pipe from it, down to a watering tank——-we could probably grass-feed some cows..
We began by fencing off the woods; that was done by running electric fence wire (that’s a single stran of non-barbed aluminum wire) all the way around the woods, on fence posts with white/glass insulators on them…. the electric charge was sent from an “electric fence charger” placed in our garage.  The “feed” line came from the garage, ran along the hillside, across the gully to some point on the fence, about 150 feet from garage to fence.
All that work being done…(the barn building will be left for another day)………….. it was time to purchase cows…
It seems like there must have been some competition between dad and I…..since he traveled a lot during the week…I was left alone to “get into trouble”–that’s how I sort of bought my first tractor…………I may have first talked with him about it……….but anyway, I went out looking for a cow to buy…
I found one listed in the paper, actually it was a calf… I found it over, off Indiana 26 just east of what is now Meyer’s, before you go down the Monitor hill.  The guy had only one, I made the deal, which included delivery!!!  I went home and told mom I bought a cow….she wanted to know what kind????????
Kind????  You mean there are kinds???  (We, (actually I was) were city-folks newly transplanted to the country)  “I don’t know, it’s a purple cow!!!”  Wow, I wonder what the phone conversation between mom and dad was like????
The day came when the farmer delivered that calf….being a calf it’s height was less than my shoulders but taller than my waist.—-At this time, the area of the woods that is our present drive way and all along the lane back to the gully, was pasture, which we mowed to keep the trees down.  Just about where the our present drive is, is where we placed a “gate”.  A gate, in an electric fence is nothing more than a PLASTIC handle with spring built in, that tension can be applied to when connecting two wires.
Oh yes, Oh yes….there were RULES…  RULE #1, you can’t make it a pet………RULE #2, You can’t name it, NO NAMES!
Well when the delivery day came and we opened the gate, and got the calf out into the pasture, it was PURPLE……well maybe, sort of….  Actually it was sort a Jersey type cow, dappled.  Jersey is sort of tanish is color, and the dapples were sort of reddish/purplish…..
Being the only calf it was sort of lonely, being the only slightly domesticated four legged animal in 15 acres of woods.  So I bought a haulter to put over its head and would walk it from the pasture, bringing up into the yard to eat the “better” grass we had by the house……since I couldn’t name it…………..I decided to call it NEMO  (that’s Latin, for No Name- Rule #2, No Names). 
It didn’t take long for Nemo, know there was a routine to come to the yard, and it got to the point where, like a dog,  Nemo  would heal all the way to the house and back….. There went Rule #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



After awhile, dad found some Holstein calves to buy…and brought in about 5… Segregation is NOT the sole attribute of humans!!!  The Holsteins rejected Nemo….must of thought she was getting special treatment…. She was not allowed to “hang together” with them, was even pushed away (sort of sounds like Rudolf )

I had a car accident and I wound up giving my damaged car, my tractor and Nemo to dad in trade for another car…..
This was now college time, and my focus was no longer on the woods,  I noticed we were sitting down to a steak meal one evening……. but Nemo was no longer in the woods…  I was never told, but I’m thinking that Nemo just got too friendly, and our freezer too empty….


Nemo, was getting bigger, and we couldn’t bring her to the yard any longer, now that we had other cows, that might try to follow…Nemo got lonely and when mom went out looking for berries, Nemo, kept nugging her and it became dangerous….

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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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