DJ’s-In Action

To continue on the DJ theme.

I became a DJ at WASK-FM, that would have been about 1967. Here a few events that occurred there….

The first evening that I was on my own, I had to arrive early enough to get to the teletype, and get the stories ripped off, sort and ready for ME TO READ, on the air.  At the end of my first news cast, I had my first fan call!!  Well, it turned to be my boss…he wanted to know what the ****** this was with Shriver??  Who?? says I.  I guess I had used the short I in Shriver, rather than the LONG I in Shriver.  He seemed to think that a college student should know who the former President of the United State’s brother in law is/was.

The FM studio had me sitting at the console, looking through a double plated interior window, into the AM studio…right into the AM-DJ’s left ear…, that is if you’ve had time to watch him…  At my second news cast, sitting in my chair reading the teletype text, my program log book was on my right, headphones over both ears,  little did I know that the AM-DJ, Rudy, (which was his last night), slipped in behind me and stuck his lighter on the bottom corner of my notes and torched my teletype……………ouch!!  It turned out to be very short news night………………. anyway…who wanted to tackle Shiver again..

Then I began working across from Kenny Lee, Lafayette’s local rock’n DJ.  There was a period of time when we were having particular difficulty with the USSR.  Kenny Lee, decided he would just call up Moscow, and find out what the heck they were doing over there!  I was busy doing my thing, but I looked up at the telephone and saw that one line was lit working and the other line bilking on hold…????  What did he have going???……so I cued in his broadcast though my control board, and heard him exclaiming, “he’d get an answer on this, he’d find out what was going on, he’d didn’t care what time it was over there, he get somebody up and get them to talk”………nope…….I couldn’t let it go….I grabbed some patch cable, connected the FM-AM turned up the volume (not on the FM side) and said… “HOLLO??? VHAT DO YOU VANT??”  Kenny Lee fell out of his chair!!!  He was caught off guard, never expecting anyone to pick up the line since he was calling into the station’s 2nd line…….  I don’t remember where we went with it …..I just remember we spent a lot of time laughing…..

Most of my airtime was pre-programmed.  In those days, someone pre-selected the music, recorded it in the log-book with times and the DJ’s had to locate the album, and the title cut they wanted, check it off cue it up 1/4 turn play it and stay within the allotted times.  I had an hour of “All Seriousness Aside” a comic tape series on loan from Purdue, “Emphasis on Strings” which I got to choose the music, then a hour of classical, and finally a Jazz portion.  The intros to the Classical and Jazz were prepared by some of our “better known” voices/personalities, my boss being one.  I turned out to be a better engineer that a DJ.  My boss, who was the station manager, didn’t seem to agree with me that guitars had strings, and thereby could/should be played in that segment on “emphasis on strings” just before the classic gas-stuff.  This was probably one of the many reasons, he and I didn’t get along… one night, after being praised by the Jazz man for my incredible engineering ability (to fix and cover up his flubbed tape)… I decide to quit…., make it my last night.       I was “chasing” a particularly hot chick at that time, at least I was trying to chase, I believe, as usual she was trying to repel.  She had never seen the working of a radio station, I talked her into coming over…… took a lot of talking, for she came with a girl friend, both with hair up in rollers…………………..she was still hot……………….I married that chick….or maybe it was the she married me… 🙂

The Fight—-the radio station resided in a converted 1960’s style ranch house.  The AM-FM studios faced each other, the entry doors opened out into a hallway that had crank-out windows to the outside. It was winter, Kenny Lee was working the AM, while I of course sat at the FM side.  For some reason, as I sitting, with the music on low, headphones off, something attracted my attention, I looked up…just in time to see a SNOWBALL coming right at me……………I DUCKED!!!  Then I heard the thump….it had hit the window on the AM studio side, and was disintegrating, melting down the pane…..I had been fooled, Kenny Lee was standing on his side just laughing…….not to be out down, I rushed to the window, grabbed some snow and returned the favor…..about 5 snowballs later, we were both cleaning up our windows, hoping no one would find we’d had a snowball fight inside the radio station…..

“FCC Certified 3rd Class Engineer”, a title of knowledge…… night I had been reading the the meters and at every reading the power was less??? So, I hit the little button to “boost” the power up a notch…  I did that ALL night!!!  Every half hour to hour or so I kept on checking….must be something wrong with this equipment, I had to boost the power!!  About 11:30, enough was a enough…..I hit the boost one more time and the station SHUT DOWN…  yep, I took the station off the air…..didn’t plan to……I just did it….  Being inside all night, I didn’t realize that we were having an ice storm….so much so that the heating elements on the antenna couldn’t melt the ice fast enough, I kept loosing power, I kept kicking in up….BAM!!! The transmitter said, I’ve had enough!!!  I was actually boosting up power into the ice and it was being reflected back…the transmitter couldn’t take it……yep, that’s me, a CERTIFIED CLASS ENGINEER,  I guess that’s why I was only a 3 rd class engineer…  🙂


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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