Product Review-RainX

If you’ve noticed in these blogs, I tend to have some continuing-connected themes….this is a continuation of the thoughts on fishing Leech Lake, Minnesota and on a time line follows the blog titled “The biggest one we ever caught.”

While at the lake, I often keep friends and family up to date with fishing reports.  Dave, my usual fishing partner comes and goes every weekend, sometimes bringing friends and family and sometimes to concentrate on our excursions.  Some time after our trip to the Bemidji Hospital I sent him this message.

“Since you’re home and concentrating on work, I know you don’t want to hear any fishing reports…(which based on my current luck, would be few anyway, since the fish seem to be vacationing elsewhere)…so instead, I’d better just give you a product review.”

RainX is a product to make you windows “slicker”…that is to moisture. (Keep slicker in mind)  For those that don’t know me, I own a fishing boat….my boat, (since I’m married, I should say OUR boat, but you get the picture-please substitute OUR when ever I say MY, and you all will keep my marriage on sound footing….) “my” boat is 18 feet long and has a windshield, 3-panels.  It’s a walk through so the center window/shield opens so you can “walk-through” and get to the front/bow deck.  The windshields, in front of the driver (I prefer the term “Captain) and the one in front of the passenger, ( notably the “first mate”) have a wrap-around effect to the side of the boat.

If you have ever watched TV, certainly you have seen some women discussing water spots on glasses washed in a dishwasher.  A similar problem occurs with boat windshields.  If you ‘run’ across the lake enough times, the waves will splash on the windshield and “HARD WATER SPOTS” materialize.  A clean windshield is essential to safely driving a boat, since there are no “lane lines” on the lake and boaters believe every square inch of water is “theirs”!!

“I gingerly cleaned the boat windshield a couple of weeks ago…not exactly perfectly per bottle directions, but sufficiently…..then I applied RainX, also not quite following the directions—-but using my short cut approach…pour it on,……….wipe around with hand…….dry with paper towel.  The windshield was soon sparkling.  The point is to reduce the amount of water “spray” spots on the windshield, by having the moisture rush off the windshield…….being slicker, the water just rolls off—– (remember that term slicker?)

Well Dave’s at work and I’m out casting, jerk plugs in our favorite “hot” spot, mentioned in the “biggest catch blog”……..somewhere a couple of days ago……my catching northern pike hit a dry spell…… after an hour,  I finally got this strike, it didn’t seem big, but big enough to be on the list of thinking twice for the “frying pan list”…………now at times I might be a little slow on the up-take…but I saw the fish and my mind went immediately to Bemidji hospital. Here I stand in the front of the boat, left (port) side–do I want to   a.) get the big net for a little fish or   b.) chance a David, “bare handed landing???? Right!!! NOT… I chose,    c.) just yank it out of the water…………..

—- bring back the “slicker” thought——-

Using only the fishing pole, I quickly yanked the fish out of the water,…….it began flipping jerking,  jumping, shaking and dancing………yes……………… while rising out of the lake, still in mid-air, the hooks let go……..the fish fell onto the driver side windshield………………….now that is where I sit….so, I had worked the RainX on that side really well.

The moisture wrapped northern (remember, in the other story, I explained how Northern Pike had this slick, slimy covering??)  was just like rain water, … of hooks, it hit the windsheld….it didn’t just slide down the windshield to the floor, but followed the RainX around the curvature of the glass and back into the lake  😦     It was so quick I didn’t even get a chance to move!!!

Hot dogs again tonight…


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to Product Review-RainX

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    I think you have a new calling.
    I do enjoy the stories

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