Fishing the Art of ……

I’m enjoying this fishing theme, I’m certain it’s because spring is coming and I sense the call of the fish (and tackle shops) ….my wife says its because I’m single minded or did she say one dimensional?–, as you get to my age you begin to forget things quickly.

I used to have this fishing cap……..It was royal blue and embossed on the front was this saying….

“Fishing, the art of casting, trolling, jigging or spinning, while freezing, sweating, swatting or swearing“.

People who think fishing is a leisurely afternoon, have a simplistic concept of this sport.  “If fishing is a sport, that makes fishermen athletics”!!!  I like to think of myself as an athlete.

This last phase identifies a subtle aspect of fishing….we (fishermen) take a ritualistic pride in our equipment, analytical prowess, and successes.  That’s why boats, motors, rod/reels, lures, baits etc, etc, etc are different.

If you have studied medieval history, then at one point you have read about feudal systems, with the hierarchy from serfs to landowners. The minds of fishermen are no different, there is an unspoken “caste” system in the world of fishing…in my mind the “fishing caste” works its way up, beginning with “bank fishermen”, “bobber fishermen”, “live bait drifting/trolling fishermen”, “artificial trolling fishermen”, and then at the pinnacle is the “artificial bait caster fishermen”.  Since I’m an artificial bait caster, I can make my “caste system” away I want to…….  🙂

I must explain that my fishing buddy Dave, while a fanatical fisherman, also has a fanatical fishing family….. I guess that comes from living in Minnesota.  The amount of time they spend on the water, in search of whatever species is biting, is unbelievable!  They are in-fact, wizards at fishing, the pros amongst us amateurs….

Dave’s wife Tammie, is highly competitive…Dave and I do lots, and lots of day-time casting while are families vacation together……..  this particular week, Dave returned home for a few days, and Tammie stayed at the lake….so my wife says, “why don’t you see if Tammie wants to go casting”…..what a modest comment, a kind woman, knowing her friend might want to partake of a Muskie hunt…. Yes!! says Tammie, and is in the boat BEFORE I can get there…  (Must be because she’s not as old as me)

We run across the lake to Ottertail Point, known to hold muskies on the rocks….now Dave and I cast and talk or are silent and enjoy just being there….how do I converse with my best friend’s wife????  So, I begin relating this comical little story about a casting contest at this very point between my oldest son, my daughter and myself just 2 weeks ago…where we were casting these same big lures as close to the shoreline as we could without landing in a tree…………………………………………………………….

I never got to the comical part…………I had barely gotten this far in the story, when Tammie was hung up in a tree!!!!  It wasn’t hooked badly and the lure came right out….  I thought I’d begin the story where I left off………I didn’t get two words out, Tammie had thrown into another tree!!…….the boat was wind-drifting up the shore line. She gave a BIG yank and buried the hooks deep into a branch…nothing left but to cut the line.

Since the punch line of my story was about throwing a lure into a tree and since Tammie had twice accomplished that task ….the punch line was lost in reality!!  😦   I wondered how Tammie could land in the tree twice….she’s an experience fisherperson???  It soon became evident, I cast over my left should, but Tammie concerned about getting hooked in the back (side), so she casts side arm, or underhanded or looping casts and then loses control of the lure….  I moved boat out further……..further from the reach of trees…..

We wore out that spot of the lake, and eventually moved to a point closer to home…….(now, if you would please refer back to my earlier discussion on the hierarchy of fishing techniques) it happened, that as we pulled up to this point, I spot a boat-load of bobber fishermen sitting on the same point……… We begin casting…….yep…  😦   Two casts, Tammie’s in a tree……  I felt like Grover from Sesame Street, “oh, I am SO embarrassed”….  I told Tammie she was embarrassing us in front of the BOBBER fishermen…. we went home…..

We have had good laughs on this (well some of us have had good laughs)………and yes, the treed plug, on the first point was eventually retrieve….  (a story I’ve promised I will never tell!!!!)


About tgriggs17

Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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3 Responses to Fishing the Art of ……

  1. Tammie Olson says:

    LOL We really do have fun don’t we.

  2. Tammie Olson says:

    BUT Terry forgot to tell you the consequence to me for totally embarrassing him…he “grounded” me from his boat….he refused to allow in his boat the rest of the year AND part way into the next….harsh….but now I am allowed back in the boat and we troll!

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