October = March

When does October look like March??

When you’re talking about Purdue’s major sports programs.    In recent years, no matter how good the Purdue football program appears to be, it stalls in October–maybe that’s when it sees its real challenge?

So, to, it is for Purdue’s basketball program…..No matter how good it is all year–March becomes the month that the team must be hijcaked, for it looks like some one else in wearing our uniforms.

I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned, watching Purdue (and Big Ten) sports has been hijacked by big money anyway.  The watching is a luxury that I lost a few years ago.  As I’ve said before, cable TV doesn’t know where we are, nor does this new telephone internet/TV technology.  It seems our telephone wires were strung in 1950 and can not handle the work load.  I once had a dish type system, when the world was still analog-now that the world is HD, I refuse to take a contract that WON’T GUARANTEE reception here in the woods.  (It’s a take it and tough it situation).

The Big Ten, created its own network to leverage bigger dollars….I’m slowly losing my interest in Big Ten and Purdue Sports—-I looks like I might actually learn that there are more important things, than Purdue Football and Basketball.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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