Young Guns Part 2

In my high school days, I became a pretty fair shot with a 22 rifle.  We had squirrel to eat every time I went hunting.  I could pick off a squirrel from the top of a tree, across the woods with open sites (that’s no magnifying scope). Today, the local squirrel population has less to fear.  I’m not certain if it is because I’m not as steady in my aim, or my bi-focal glasses befuddle me.  (It must be glasses, for I have the same problem shooting pool!)  Anyway, when I shoot at the squirrels, they just wave at me from the top of bird feeder!  Well my glasses aren’t really good, I think that was a wave.

I said in another blog, that when I was in college, I was stuck on the this hot chick….she was a city girl.  So, I talked her into riding out to a small farm that we owned, the Old Cadwalder place and do a little pistol shooting down by the creek.  Now, I had these visions, like in the movies, where the lead-man, puts his arms around the girl, while teaching her to shoot pool etc.  And she looks back up at him all starry-eyed sort of…  🙂  Well, we got down to the creek, I set up the targets, loaded the gun, and she said NO THANKS to the close-in instruction, she drew up and knocked down 3 of the 5 cans.  Without practice she shot better than I did!!  My heart fell….no starry-eyed looks for me.

Some local people decided in the 1970’s that what our little town needed was a weekend RE-Enactment of the Battle of Tippecanoe — it turned into a three-day event!  Dad decided that he would like to participate in the event, but he had to have something  unusual…, he ordered a CANNON.  He located a foundry that did replica cannons and bought a 1/2 size Civil War cannon.  Unlike an original cannon, this one was cast iron everything, including the wheels.  Heavy, but functional!!!

Before the first  event, he thought he had better try it out, you know, get the right amount of black powder.  Now, we lived on a bluff overlooking a river bottoms, with bluffs on both sides of the river, going for miles….  Dad, wheeled that cannon to the edge of the hill, loaded in the black powder, put this dry wad of paper in the barrel, struck a lite to the powder hole….KA_BOOOOM!!!  That cannon blast echoed and echoed… could hear it for at least a minute…back and forth, down the river bottoms..  Dad looked up….big eyed, and says, hurry lets get this into the garage, close the door, before the Sheriff comes looking for us!!!  Us?? How does it now become us??

My grandpa Roy, had a 410 single shot shotgun, it had 2X2 inch cut in the stock with a picture of a scantily clad WWII type pin-up girl in it.  The thing was that every time you raised that gun up to shoot, it was like that girl was kissing you on the cheek!!  Roy taught me how to hunt rabbits with that gun….I wasn’t very good in the beginning, I guess I just was embarrassed about getting kissed on the cheek..  🙂   Today that gun hangs in my house……….but, I’ve turned the picture to the wall………grandma doesn’t want the grand kids staring…   🙂


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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4 Responses to Young Guns Part 2

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    Thanks for the cannon story – I’ve heard that one before but would have forgotten it eventually 🙂 Who’s that with the puffy sleeves?

  2. Tammie Olson says:

    Very good cannon story Terry. I can imagine hearing you yell while your were typing…ka boom! I loved the “us” comment!

  3. Kristy says:

    Love the ‘burns.

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