The Wart

I’m no different that any teenager before or after me.  The great indicator that you have “arrived” was learning to drive.  I grew up in an era where ALL of your limbs played an important and necessary part in the driving function.

Your left arm was responsible for the steering wheel, side mirror alignment and turn-signal functions;  the left arm straight out-left turn, straight up-right turn, straight down-stop.

The right arm was responsible for steering wheel, gear shift (on the column), heater and if you could afford it, the radio.

The right foot was responsible for the operating the accelerator (gas pedal) and the brake.

The left foot was responsible for operating the clutch (synchronized with the right hand movements) and the dimmer switch.  The dimmer switch was a button on the upper left corner of the floor, that changed headlights from lower to upper beam.

It took a lot of practice to coordinate all limbs to maintain perfect operation of a motorized vehicle.  Technology has taken us so far into the future that most of our limbs have little responsibility for vehicular operation today.  I, however, am still an ole die-hard, I require my left foot to be a responsible appendage, so it operates the brake.  I know that would be a “no-no” in today’s driver-ed classes, but I believe I have better stop/go control that way….besides my left foot gets bored, just doing nothing over there.

We were in town last week, driving between stops, when my wife exclaims about a car in front of us.  The car was in the right lane, up a little way.  I caught up to it and saw why she was shocked.  There was this WART hanging out the window…actually the wart was dead center of this drivers left foot, for three stop lights that we followed that wart (and foot).

Wow, technology has advanced us further than I had realized, effortless driving.  Where have all those days of practiced coordinated driving gone?  My left foot became extremely jealous, it had to work the brake, while other left feet got to hang out of windows catching some rays!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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