Day Late

A day late and a dollar short

I’ve heard this term all my life.  I believe it came from the Great Depression….although internet research proves no one knows from whence it came.  Most believe it’s implication is that you missed the mark of your target.  Be that as it may, we have all, at some time missed the mark.

When in central Indiana, winter gives way to spring, thoughts turn to …. walking the woods.  Oh, sure if we were 40 years younger my thoughts might be somewhere else.  At my age, though, when spring arrives I begin looking for vegetation in the woods, our eyes begin watching for the first sign of Red Bud Trees blooming.  Why????  MUSHROOMS……first come the gray ones then the yellow.  The “season” is short, two weeks–a long three if ALL the conditions are right.  Once that season is over….heads…well my head, turns to thinking of a fishing vacation…….

One summer a few years back we were vacationing at “our lake“.  Ok, I share my lake with a couple of other people, considering, its size is (depending on your sources) 102,000 to 115,000 acres of water, I’ll let someone use a SMALL corner of it. During this vacation, we had a particularly “dry” stretch for catching.  I actually was doing something atypical for me, staying on shore (then again, its been so far back, I don’t remember, maybe my wife had put me in time out for the afternoon?).  We were at a resort and two boat loads of fisherman came in, loaded with a number of very nice sized northern pike.  Now, I know this lake like the back of my hand… I talked to them, they pointed, right over there, off that point, by the little notch, drifting with the wind throwing spoons.  RIGHT, got it!!!  Of I go, a short mile and half to the point, and notch…wait….I’m looking around, sure I know this place…but….those directions can put me ANYWHERE on 150 acres of water!!!  After 30 minutes of no fish, it dawned on me, if the fish were still biting, those two boats wouldn’t have come in…   A day late and a dollar short…..  😦

Mushroom season ended about 4 days ago….It’s evening and I’m in the TV room watching the weather, pondering the weather conditions in Minnesota, I’ve already heard that the last weekend up there was great.  When there’s a knock at the door.  This neighbor shows up with huge mixing bowl, he got this monster mushroom in it.  He picked yesterday and wanted to “prove” (boast) that he didn’t exaggerate about his mushroom stories.  It’s 14 inches tall and about 10 inches round!  The next morning, I rush out to hunt mushrooms again…..they only thing I see 14 inches tall is the poison ivy.  Dang!! I can get side tracked so easily.  Here I was happily pondering summer fishing, but talked my self into chasing mushrooms.  Day Late and a Dollar short–again.

Well, back to the easy-chair and sort through the fishing tackle in my mind……


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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