Who was that?

We went the Methodist Church Dinner the other night….and as
things would have it, I saw a woman from my high school class, she waived and
pointed me out to a lady companion.  The lady smiled and waved…  In my growing up, I had this uncanny ability to recognize faces….I just can never put a name with the face!!  My personal spy (mom), did some checking and a few days later let me know who the unknown lady was…so I’m thumbing through school years books; yep, I found her…two grades ahead me…(whew, I never knew anyone in that class anyway)—but there, amongst the other pages loomed a picture that I’d forgotten.  I shuttered, remembrances of the past came rushing back.  Tom Hanson!!!!!!!!!  Tom Hanson was one of those guys you always kept one eye on, if he was in one hallway, you diverted to a different one.

I went to school in the days when, you only moved up a grade if you passed,
those that failed, repeated the grade… Tom was my age but two grades back.

Tom was one of those that would push up against you, call you four-eyes and dare
you to blink.  Once he had you in your place…all was right in eyes of Tom’s world. Who was Tom?  He was the one with the chip on the shoulder, the school bully…

Thinking about the bully, makes me remember how we stayed alive—-we avoided

I’ve been hearing a lot about bullying…It’s been in the press a lot, but that’s
mostly because bullying has taken on a new characteristic.  Not only do we know
more, faster, today, we socially share everything—-on the computer.  Bullying
has taken on a new identity.  We used to be able to walk on the other side of
the hall, sidewalk, road, or take a different path…..but with today’s social network,
we can’t hide from the bully.

The result—–a ever increasing number of bullied people, commit suicide……

I’ve just heard where a stepfather, went to the bus stop to confront a girl, who
had been bullying his step daughter—he took his electric razor and told her,
if she didn’t quit bullying, he’d cut off her hair!!  The stepfather has been charged with misdemeanor intimidation…  The police say he should have reported the bullying to the school….sure, many schools don’t have policies on bullying, and those that do, well its like holding up a restraining order against a gun toting psycho..

The next police suggestion–you should have come them …yeah right, lets take time out from chasing speeders, robbers, crack dealers and terrorists to warn a teenager
to quit bullying…, hence the intimidator, has the advantage.

The real picture here….is our own lack of personal/parental responsibility….it has taken
decades, but we’ve finally, achieved it!!!     The SYSTEM has taught us–take it to the system, for the system is your parent, the system is you guardian, the system is your
protector/provider, the system…….. is our moral conscious.

We for our grandchildren.. From where we stand…this society is not a pretty picture.


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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