Getting Older, Aging and all the Stuff

Getting Older, Aging and All that Stuff

I’m getting older…and that’s been on my mind a lot recently.  The realization is that my oldest son is 36, my youngest son just turned 30, and my daughter falls in-between, at 34. How does this happen?  I look through my eyes, thinking I’m 30, and yet the guy looking back from the mirror is white haired, wrinkled, puffy and NOT even close to what/who I think I am!

I’ve thinking about aging….how do you know, when you’ve gotten old (older).  Is it, when you realize that you are not as tall as you once were, but your toes are farther away?  Is it that you don’t remember names as well, like, who was that famous actor who played so-in-so in that movie that I can’t remember the title, but was about…….?  I had a professor of Botany, once, who had memorized the names of each of his students in a lecture room of 300 and the seating chart.  Years later I saw him in a store; he no longer remembered my name, but knew the seat I sat in.  The memory fades.

Repair projects-I find that I now take a lot longer “contemplating” a project before I begin. My contemplation may take days, weeks or even months before I begin, often the contemplation, leads me into another project first….

Aches and pains-Wow, here’s a subject that I never expected. There are times when I can feel coming weather patterns in a joint, or a head ache before it arrives!  (thought that was an old wives tale)  The aches and pains are deeper and last longer than they did 30 years ago.  I helped a non-handyman neighbor replace a kitchen faucet last week.  After laying on my back on the rim of the kitchen sink-cupboard base my neck and back muscles were sore for 4 days!!!!  And then there’s those “other” curiosities,  like, is that pain “something important” or is it just another pleurisy pain and what about that heartburn?

After pondering all these things, I believe I’m come to the definitive determination on how to realize you’ve become “one of the older ones”.

Yesterday was my birthday, so we decided, since we are away from family, to have a small  quiet celebration. A trip to Bemidji to the Menard’s, Wal-Mart, Target etc., followed by dinner at a nice local Italian Restaurant (Tutto Bene), capped by a Play at the Bemidji Playhouse.  Be that as it may, as I was looking around the restaurant, through eyes that I KNOW are no longer 30, it dawned on me, HOW TO KNOW YOU’RE GETTING OLDER.

The answer is, two thirds of the people, every where I  go, is younger than me!  And, considering those two thirds, half (50%) look, or have features that remind me of someone I know OR knew in the one third of the population that I am in.

Excuse me….a moment….I need to get up and go say HI to the person at that table, I don’t remember their name, but I “think” I knew them somewhere 4o years ago.


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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