The Toaster

What makes you different?

Have you ever wondered what makes you different…different than me?  Watching people is very interesting……the most interesting is watching couples.  There was a “fun” TV program, when I was a teenager, called the Newlywed Game.  It was funny listening to the leading questions that would  illicit some funny answers.  The producers/directors would find couples married for less than a year and place them on a panel.  Correct answers by the men were worth 5 point, the women 10 points.  Obviously the originator realized that women knew their men better than the men knew their women.

The cliche’s abound; Opposites attract, women choose men that remind them of their father’s, conversely, men choose women that remind them of their mother’s, find someone that likes similar things, ect.  The longer you are together, the more you look/act like each other.  I don’t know that any of these are of great value.  Except, that the longer you are together, you begin to know each will respond to questions or situations, usually.

But, what I have seen, is that often two people with identical personalities often have problems.  (Albeit problems abound over the littlest things)  A couple both having Type A or controlling attitudes wind up butting heads…and Type B people can’t seem to make a decision….positions change 3 or 4 times, before an agreed to position is determined.

So it is my household.  One of us is a “controller” (likes to be in control of the remote, steering wheel, GPS, radio dial and on and on), the other, either doesn’t care to be in control OR more truthfully acquiesces to keep piece.  One of us (me) leans toward saving tendencies, NOT PACK-RATTING, but saving for later.  As a minimum example, when I eat cake (which is less often the older I get), I like to save the best (the icing) for last.

Imagine, if you would the most recent kitchen small appliance that you’ve purchased.  How long was the cord?  Did it even have a cord?  We have THE TOASTER.  This toaster has an seven (7) foot cord.  It was a wedding gift……..and this is our 42 anniversary.  Now, we lived in a time when you occasionally exchanged wedding gifts but not often and re-gifting was an invention not yet created (except for Aunt Eva (my wifes aunt), who didn’t really re-gift, actually GIFTED after she had read the book).  So, this toaster was a wedding gift, one of two identical.  This one given by Sam, a family friend, went of the self for later use.  Later use, turned out to be 22 years later.  We took it off the self and to our cabin.  This is NOT JUST a toaster, but it is a Sears Motormatic Toaster.  When you place the bread in, it automatically disappears, when done, it automatically re-appears.  A modern marvel.  No longer is such a marvel one could afford the mechanism let alone the cord!

I love this toaster!!!! The drawback?  It’s toasts bread and English muffins, IF, in their transport, some sat on the their muffin and squished it.  No bagels, it’s not wide enough for them, and it’s only a two slice machine. Last summer we had a hic-up, the bread went down but not back up……………………once…………………but only once……….but such failure initiated sarcasm and criticism by my non-saving wife.  “We MUST replace it with a four sliced, bagel, muffin, bread toasting toaster”……That was the battle cry in the fall, teh winter and the following spring.

Ok….”mister in control”, gave up, we bought a new, four slice toast-all-toaster before going to the cabin.  I will admit, it is nice to be able to toast two muffins at once so we can eat together. But, its ONLY got an 18 inch cord and it’s a MANUAL start, it takes effort to “push” the lever down!!!

I couldn’t bear to throw out my Motormatic.  It only failed that ONE time, it’s been tucked into the corner of a lower cabinet.  On those mornings, when bread is the only item to be toasted, I sneak out the Motormatic, plug in the 7 foot cord and place the toaster on the table (oh, did I explain that I usually prepare 95% of the breakfasts that we eat…well, maybe I’ll explain that in another blog…then, again, maybe I’d better not) and to this day………………………..the bread magically disappears…..then it magically re-appears…  🙂

That’s what make US different!  Someone wanted to throw out The Toaster, but one of us got to save it……..


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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