I believe that I am entitled to a few things. 

(This topic has been in my Draft for weeks as I ponder the subject)

I believe that I am entitled to go fishing when I want–(at least if my wife says I can)……  I believe I’m entitled to go to the church I want, when I want, as my own convictions or guilt demand.  I believe I’m entitled to shop where I want, choose where to live and expect to receive what I’ve purchased and to NOT be cheated.  I believe that if I order a new car, pay for it, with a future delivery date, when that delivery date arrives, I get the car.  I don’t want to be surprised and find that the contract has been changed and I’m now only entitled to HALF a car.

In the early days of Social Security and later Medicare, I would have stood with those against such a broad based forced governmental intrusion.  Now, that I’m older and have spent a life time in forced payments, paying for everyone else, I have a new gripe.  The federal government today is ‘cash strapped’.  A primary target of the proposed cost cutting are ENTITLEMENTS.  My gripe is how do you define which entitlements? I keep hearing that Social Security and Medicare entitlements MUST be cut/slashed.

A friend of mine has a foreign national relative, who came here for a visit. While here, he became sick, and was hospitalized.   He spent weeks in the hospital, was tested, treated, nurtured and nursed, he had TB and AIDS. While here, he didn’t have a job, no visible support, no health insurance, no money and logically, he knew he was sick before he arrived.  He was released from the hospital and sent back to his relatives’ home, and at 6 AM a nurse visited to administer his daily medications, and a bus ticket was provided so he could make his doctors appointments; the hospital charged the county, who charged the state, who debited Medicaid–which means you and I paid the 100’s of thousands of dollars for his treatments.  He is now well/or better, and he has returned to his country, where you don’t get hospital care without prepaying.

Since this is my county, I believe that I, as well as all of us, will have some burden in the cost saving measures.  So, I will have to give back/or give up some portion of what I’ve been promised.  The Federal Government is wrestling with debt ceilings and expense cutting, but what they really are wrestling with is how to do what’s right without losing their jobs.  The biggest target on the dart board seems to be Social Security and Medicare.  This seems to be the major/only topic mentioned so far.

If I have to give up something, then I believe we must look at our contributions to foreign governments for their “friendships”.  Pakistan should give up their entitlement of an annual billion dollar payoff (Actually, $20 Billion over 10 years) …. but so should every other foreign country pay.  And, why do so many countries believe we should be the worlds police force, protecting them, for free, from every oppression?

Why do we grant money for research on tread mills for shrimp and research on pickles?  Many people complained about bailing out the auto industry, but WHY, do we millions of dollars in tax breaks to oil company’s who continue to have have record-breaking profitability?

I believe that when the U.S. citizens are required to pay into governmental social programs, but then have their benefits cut, then persons who are not contributing should lose benefits.  Prisoners are a drain on society, they promote various types of mayhem, yet they get housing, meals, entertainment, education and medical coverage even to the extent of organ transplants, without contribution to society.

Illegal immigrants (I’m NOT talking about those who are legally here on work/student type visa’s etc,) but those who have by stealth or dark of night, entered-undocumented and work for cash, should not have benefits of medical, and education, etc without contribution to the costs.

I applaud Vermont, who has tried to establish a universal state-wide health care system, while excluding Illegal Immigrants. The illegal immigrant position was lost.  Human Rights advocates protested that it was Inhumane to exclude this group from health care.  Current Federal Law requires certain health care providers to provide “emergency treatment” to all persons regardless of their immigration status.  And Vermont, attempting to also include the new Federal Health Care Exchange Plan into their Universal Plan, learned that they must include undocumented immigrants.

Consider Social Security Disability–an admirable benefit, but loose enough for many an undeserving.  For years television expose’s have done many-a-story about the disability recipient that plays golf, lefts heavy items, etc but shows up to disability interviews with crutches, casts or neck braces.  Why does it not stop? These may be either, citizens who have found that aid is better than working or legal immigrants who have found that being here on disability is better than being home in their own country without it.

So, it will come down to those of us who “pay-in” will need to pay more and get less to keep those who “pay-none” and get all;  the illegal, the imprisoned, the crooked and the foreign dictator.  Why would it would be so bad if we had to close our foreign military bases which may hurt a counties economy rather than hurt our own economy?  We are now in our second welfare generation, where a dollar received is a dollar entitled, citizen or not.

July 4th is upon us….historically we knew what it stood for, “the successful result of a battle for freedom, the rewards of which were local representation, freedom and  self-determination.”  Is that as true today, or is it not distribution of the wealth for the good of all?


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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