Where does History Go?

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I’ve been thinking that life is made up of all my yesterday’s, my today’s and usually my tomorrow’s.  What happens to the yesterdays?  All of them.  Just where does yesterday go?  I used to believe we placed all of the yesterday’s in some book, in a systematic time line order, but if we do, do we read them?

I’ve been reading a book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Pastor of the “Confessing Church”, which opposed the Third Reich’s take over of the German Lutheran Church, 1933-1945.  The Third Reich re-delineated the country’s societal-religious norms and used it as one of its persecution tools.

While I was reading, a neighbor stopped by and in our general conversation, he asked me about the book.  I explained that the book indicated that Hitler saw both Communists and the Jewish as the reason the Germans lost the First World War.  My neighbor then asked if I believed that the exterminating death camps were true?  His question caught me of guard, this man is slightly older than me, and has lived in this country his entire life, surely we’ve had the same information base.  One difference between us though was that I had the opportunity years ago to sit in a room for four days with a woman who survived a death camp in Estonia. Even without the encounter with this woman, I would never have doubted the truth of the exterminations.

I have heard recently, that there are certain groups that state their dis-belief in the Holocaust, but little did I believe that I would find someone in my backyard that would raise the question.

Which brings back to my original thought;  Where does History go?  I never met Abraham Lincoln, but I am certain he existed, I never experience the Civil War’s Andersonville Prison, but I’m certain thousands of prisoners died there.   I accept that the Mayflower, brought Europeans here to cultivate, populate and “civilize” this land.

This neighbor’s question raises the innuendo that maybe history has been mis-reported, or mis-directed and is all wrong….  There probably never was a civil war….and certainly “Europeans” must have always been here and the “American” Indians were the invaders of the continent and lost.  The implication in my neighbor’s question, is, if he (we) didn’t see it, touch it, or experience it, then it could never have happened.  What we need to do then, is take all history that’s two generations old or older and throw it way.  That’s where history goes..out the window, in the trash, not in a book, to be remembered.

If we all pick and choose only those pieces we want to believe, what makes your choices any more correct than what I believe want to believe?  No, we should keep our history and rebuke critics who only pick and choose what they want to believe.

Watch a sunset closely, momentary changes are deceptively deceiving, and then it’s dark.  I wonder if there is any governmental societal norm changes occurring that are deceptively occurring and soon it will be dark (for are own good)? It’s makes me wonder how history will interpret this era?


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