Well, I see more and more DVD and TV’s are touting 3-D imagery…

Maybe I’ve said this before, but for all the touting…3-D isn’t new.  I recall going to a 3-D movie in my pre-teen years ( that would have been the 50’s—1950’s that is !!!) …I’m thinking it was a John Wayne movie…anyway there was some sort of cowboy riding a horse over a sand dune..

The most disconcerting thing about 3-D then, was trying to keep the 3-D glasses on over my glasses…  😦

Now, there has not been much improvement today…any of us spectacled people  (those not able or too chicken to have someone laser your eyes) have great problems sitting through a Disney 3-D event…how many different people have worn those 3-D glasses thrown into the barrel to be redistributed to the next crowd…and the lenses don’t fit correctly because the ear pieces won’t fit over ears that are already holding up glasses…

Here’s something to think about——with two eyes I already see things in 3-D, but TV/movies are 2-D…so TV/movies must create electronic trickery to make 2-D seem to be 3-D, AND, you’ve got to recalibrate your 3-D eyes with a device to interpret the 2-D/3-D trickery as if TV were 3-D–what sort of improvement is that. Figure this, since your eyes already see in 3-D, why does it costs more to watch a 3-D (natural observation) movie than 2-D (an unnatural observation) movie?

Now if some company REALLY wants to tout and improvement–I suggest 3-D TV/movies, WITHOUT the use of special glasses..now that would be an improvement!!!!!

Maybe, some engineer will pick up on this and actually do 3-D TV /movies right
and make a fortune…

Wait!!!  That last part does sounds familiar, I must have said this to you before….well, I’m soon to be 60 + something….I can afford to tell my stories over and over and over again like they are new !!!!!  The great thing here is, you can’t determine if I’ve REALLY forgotten that I’ve told you this before…OR if I just think it’s SO good that I think it ought to hear it again!!!  🙂


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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