The Best Of………..

The movie Men in Black, has this line, “We’re looking for the best of the best of the best”.  Which makes you wonder, what is the best?  How many of your older “favorite” TV shows have produced “The Best of…….”.  Just how do you separate the Best, from all the rest?

I’ve now reached my “middle 60’s”, and have been thinking about the Best of My Life……I’ve been trying to sort and categorize the best of what I’ve experienced (at least what I can remember). I’m having some difficulty, I don’t think I can sort it out…there are JUST so many things.  Since I’m on a fishing vacation there are some north woods items that have hit my memory list.

Ben, my oldest, my father and I were casting from my boat; Ben caught his first Muskie, and my father got to land it for him.

When she was about 7, my daughter Kristy and I went walleye fishing, we had caught quite a few.  Kristy turned to me and said this was her “best day of her life!” How great that made me feel.

Our youngest, Joshua, has the least interest in fishing.  However, he is quite competitive, and one day he and I were casting.  We were about to close out our trip, and we were competing for the “last fish” on the “last cast”, neither one of us, would quit casting if the other one had caught a fish.  It seemed like every other cast either he or I had some sort of fish and smile on our faces, so the other one had to do “the just one more cast”.

Being with them when of my two older grandson’s caught their biggest northern pike.

My wife and I were trolling one evening and she caught a Muskie that would have been bigger than the biggest Muskie I have ever caught.  I managed to get in the net, but it “broke fee” (an early Free Willy) and swam though the net!  My wife was too busy working the rod and reel and never got a good look at it, I, dejectedly, got to see it swim away.  😦

There are a number of other great times, with parents, grandparents, and friends, but they all hinge on the same thing.  Sharing an event with someone close to you.

Never miss an opportunity to share time with someone….you too will one day be sitting somewhere trying to sort out the Best of the best of best!!!   🙂


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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