It’s Time

It’s Time-A New Beginning

“It’s time”…There’s a term we use widely, but how do you view it?  It conjures in my mind a start of something new:  Exciting–sometimes, concerning–maybe, scary–often.  It’s time, its the common term used when the expectant mother, realizes, we’d better be getting to the hospital.   It’s time, is implied, often NOT said, when preparing to leave the house when going out with or to friends, to church services or appointments.

This week, I have heard the term “It’s Time” used three times by different people, with regard to their life’s situation.  The implication here has been on the “other end” of It’s Time.  It’s a Closure comment.

My best friend, has decided that he has worked enough for his current employer, and will be retiring early, at the age of 56, this September-“It’s Time”, he says to stop doing what he’s been doing for 31 years.  He’s closing one chapter of his life and beginning a new one.  A difficult decision it is, to come to a point of decision, that you have worked you life for and realize that you ARE actually there.

We have some neighbors that vacation next to us.  They have decided to sell their place and concentrate on Florida winter golf and summer Minnesota golf.  “It’s Time”, he has told me.  He just told me that when he sits home, he knows it’s the right thing, but there, it is, between the lines, I see that the sadness.  He has spent his adult life, vacationing on this lake, but, “It’s Time”.  I fathom, between the rightness of the decision, the realization that at his age the he can not do the drive, four hours, and the maneuvering the boat through boating traffic, the fishing or landing of the fish, no longer comes with ease.  The closing of life’s chapter.

I went to a garage sale today (this is more a daughter-in-law event, than a Terry event), but go I did.  I asked this lady if she was from Indiana, she replied yes.  I explained that when they moved to this location, my father was hired by her husband, to do some landscaping with his bobcat.  She remembered.  She explained that “her husband had had three bypasses, and the hospital, at an hour away, was JUST TOO far.  An ambulance run was a half hour to arrival.  “It’s Time”, she says, we have a son in Iowa, we’re moving down there.  We never, thought it would come to this”, another of life’s chapter’s closes.

Once we close a major chapter, we tend to focus on the now, of the new chapter, and not it’s final page.  We would much rather NOT think about anything other than the now!

“It’s Time!!”  That was the call from the hospital.  We had been out to dinner, after a long day waiting, dad was in his final moments with us. We rushed back to town. He had been talking with us all day, as he lay in hospital bed.  He, knew, I knew, we all knew that this was the day….he’d been in and out of hospitals for weeks, getting what I call some “go juice” and sent home, a few days later he’d be run down and back to the hospital he’d go.  His heart was giving out.  It was time, his eyes were closed, shallow breathing, I began by reading to him the book of St. John, it was what I read the morning my daughter was born.  “It’s Time”…..the closure of a chapter in his book and the opening of the chapter of his soul.  It closed a chapter in my book, and opened a new one, one with a void in it.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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