Double Yolk

Eggs-My Favorite Breakfast-Seldom On My Menu Anymore

I was frying eggs yesterday when I saw that one of the eggs had a double
yolk….When was the last time you found a double yolk???

It reminded me of a story about my Grandma Brock…. While I don’t remember the
the date, my mom tells the story of Grandma Brock visiting us….some how my dad got her to fry our breakfast  eggs…

She broke the first one… was a double yolk….she say’s (in her high pitched voice) “well look’y there, a double yolk!”.

She broke the second one…..and, it also was a double yolk….she say’s “oh my, a another
double yolk!!”…………

She broke the third………, too was a double yolk….she say’s “my land,
my land!! what is this”…………..

In preparation of her arrival, my dad was able to purchase a dozen double yolked eggs, and then proceeded to set grandma Brock up to crack them open…..

This made me recall a blog of the cartoonist, Jimmy Johnson, (Arlo and Janis), there was quite a discussion around frying eggs.  There seemed to be three varieties of fried eggs, the over easy, the over hard and the sunny side up..  I didn’t jump into the discussion, first because there were already, MORE than enough with opinions, but also, I was concerned that MAYBE there were regional differences of which I lacked awareness.

Since this is MY blog, I can, here, straighten out mis-stated information by the bloggers in the Arlo and Janis blog.  First, “over easy” is a relatively NEWer terminology and it comes about only because of a “push” by health (nut) conscious people.  BEFORE over easy, eggs were either basted or sunny side up.  We began, in the good-old-days, by frying up a pound or two of bacon, which created about an inch of hot bacon grease in the pan THEN we dropped in an egg….to which we basted the grease over, or let it cook until it was done, sunny side up!  We’d take the grease dripping egg(s) and place them on the plate with the bacon! Yummmm!  Then, entered the health nuts, and made us feel guilty!!

Now we spray Pam in the pan, fry the egg (maybe two eggs a week, IF your lucky), and fry sunny side up, or over…..  In this new world, there are three “over” variations; over easy-yolk runny, white-done top/bottom, runny in the middle; over medium-yolk runny, white done (opaque) all the way through; and over-hard-nothing runny, no where!

Now that you have read all the way to here, you will know the proper terms to use when ordering eggs in a restaurant, hopefully, the cook knows the difference, which has not been the case where I’ve eaten this summer.  This cook’s belief is, if you order over medium, anything between “rare” eggs and hard as rubber is what you want, and what you’re going to get.

I have grand kids that don’t know the ecstasy of a fried egg.  Never, having tried one, they eat the alternative variation, known as scrambled.  They believe this is the ONLY way to eat an egg.  Scrambled is the method health nuts use to cover up the evidence that the “egg” may be an egg, or in maybe eggbeaters, or a even soybean product… uck!!!

If we keep this up, the kids’ kids will be eating Wheat Germ and Spinach Milk!! (Hope I never have to do that!!!)


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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