Squaw Point and the NCAA

Naming Rights

Very near my summer place, on the lake,  is what is known as the “North Narrows”, a classification that dates back to around 1820 with the first Northwest Mapping project by Schoolcraft. The lake was “lower” then, because it wasn’t until 1885 that the Federal Government built the Federal Dam and raised the lake seven (7) feet.  The peninsula north of the Narrows, was mapped as Prairie Point.  Sometime between 1820 and 1978, the east side of the peninsula became known as Squaw Point.

I don’t know how the name Squaw Point was chosen, but in 1995, in our push to be Politically Correct, Squaw Point was renamed “Oak Point”.   While there ARE now oak trees on the point, the original growth, in the 1820’s would have been Pine, as was EVERY other tree here until totally logged off after 1885.  Also, in 1995, the local high school lost (I mean, changed) their nickname from the Warriors, to the Wolves.

Enter now the NCAA and the University of North Dakota.  UND’s nickname until 1930 was the “Flickertails” (ugh!).  UND’s cross-state rival was the (NDSU) North Dakota State Bisons.  UND, changed its’ name from the Flickertails to the Sioux, known for their superb ability to hunt Bison. Later the “Fighting” was added to make the Fighting Sioux. (information per Bleacherrport.com) Recently the North Dakota Supreme Court decided that the UND had the right to change its nickname, as required by the NCAA, who found the nickname hostile and offensive.  The NCAA let Illinois keep their nickname, the Fighting Illini, IF they dumped their mascot of Chief Illiniwek. So, get this picture, Illinois can keep the “Fighting Ilini” and Florida State gets to keep the Seminoles, but North Dakota has to discard the “The Fighting Sioux? (How’s the song go? Who’s your daddy?)

Now, speaking of UND, (that’s the University or Notre Dame), I’ve got a “trace” of Scottish blood in me, and I’m thinking (laddy), I don’t like their nickname, “The Fighting Irish”,  it seems hostile and offensive.  I believe something like the “Spuds” would be more appropriate. However,I don’t believe the NCAA has the courage to approach Notre Dame or the Pope, about this offensiveness.

As long as we’re talking being offensive to someone, I’m pondering,  that for Political Correctness, we should,  change the name of certain states, like, Indiana, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah, which all relate to some aspect of the American Indian.

This brings me back to the Walker High School nickname, which, if you remember, is now the Wolves!  Who, speaks for the Wolves?  Maybe the ASPCA should step in and find the nickname “The Wolves” offensive and demeaning to such a fine and but oppressed animal!


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One Response to Squaw Point and the NCAA

  1. Kristy says:

    Hahaha. Spuds.

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