Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I must admit, it was years, and years before this term, OCD, was revealed to my understanding.  I first saw or recognized it, in a co-worker.  Some of us got together to go out to lunch, she sat down, cleaned each of her eating utensils with a napkin, went to wash her hands, but before leaving she unfolded another napkin and place upon her chair seat.  No one said anything, we just noticed.

When our children were born and growing up, OCD never came into my mind, nor do I remember anything today that would lead me to think they had IT.

However, more recently pointed out to me, were the grand children, placing toy cars in an orderly line. Or picking up toys or books and returning them to an orderly location.  (Humph, what’s wrong with that? Sounds to me like they are just being neat!!!)   In fact four of our grandchildren have some sort of tendency that falls within a Psychologists definition of OCD.

If you’ve been reading along, you may remember my Blog about Christmas Lights (https://tgriggs17.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/christmas-lights/.  It was in that blog, that I mentioned my fishing lures, hanging on my wall, color coordinated by manufacturer…..).

Now my father-in-law, is a little OCD. Before he retired, he always wore a “pocket protector” that had ink pens and pencils in it, even after he retired he wore for a while.  Later in life, he had to stack all of his mail on the dinning room table, then he needed to add a card table to hold more mail. Anyway, you couldn’t touch, any of it….and don’t even THINK of sorting it for him…even if it was over a year old.

On a recent visit from my daughter, she brought along some homemade Black Raspberry Preserves.  (Delicious, I might add-side bar, this turned out to be an outstanding year, because my daughter-in-law, bought beets and made them Harvard style for me…. 7 other people left them ALL for me–yum)  Anyway, back to the jelly/jam/preserves discussion…we discussed my “preferring” to NOT start a NEW jar until the OLD jar (flavor) was done. Someone mentioned that I might have a little OCD tendencies–YA Think!!??  She said…

I corrected her…….”there’s no D in my OC tendencies”.  I don’t have a disorder, I’m just a “little” compulsive……”

After all, if you look up OCD, you’ll find that there are ALL KINDS of tendencies that define what it is; counting steps on a stair case, yeah, I do that, do things in order, yeah, I do that, do things in a repetitive manner, yeah, I kinda do that…

If you get out of bed EVERY morning on the same side, that’s a repetitive event, and who’s to say it is not OC—-there’s just NO D in my repetitive actions!!!!

Ok, I’ve got to go now and arrange the wrenches in my work shop………


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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