Maneuvering through Airports

Our youngest son, Josh called us, looking for some ideas for a birthday event for his mom since she would be visiting them during her birthday…..In passing I mentioned we were planning to drive down to the new Indy Airport to check things out a couple of days before she flew out.

“New????” says Josh, “didn’t that open TWO YEARS ago???”  “Well, yes,”
says I…”when it opened, we had planned to visit..but things deterred
us…well, one thing or another, and we never got a chance to drive down”…you
could hear the “snicker” at the other end of the phone…  “well”, says I, “we don’t have
much desire to fly any more anymore, we’d rather drive”… Josh’s snickering
tone..”why would you want to do that”??? (You need to realize that Josh flies back and forth along the east coast weekly, AND our daughter flies inter-nationally regularly. On occasion I would fly for work.

“Well” says I, “its no longer fun to fly”……let  me take you back…..maybe you are able to remember when family and friends were able to walk with you to the “gate” or await your arrival “at the gate”.

But do you remember when you could walk to the gate, without searches and scanning (and seizure of finger nail clippers, nail files etc), no taking off shoes, emptying pockets, bags, books, cameras scanned, or body scanning……..

Oh, and before the “no” peanuts, you got peanuts, and before peanuts, we actually got a snack and before snack you got a meal, and before a meal you got a hot meal…and you
needn’t be in first class!

HEY, the last time I flew it was on a private plane from one point to another, no screening, no searching..happily, just like the old days! Hey!!!, I can remember when I flew to Canada and didn’t need a passport!!

My father and his boss would board a plane in Lafayette, Indiana, and fly to New York for
lunch and return that afternoon……and in those days in-flight meal trips were
served with real silverware AND cloth napkins!!!

Yes, flying has lost its fun. Now there are flight charges, baggage fees, extra baggage fees, widow fees, isle fees, overhead fees, I’m surprised they haven’t instituted tipping fees for flight attendants, pilots, and navigators.

Wait, do they still have navigators? And if so why?  I just learned that pilots are losing their ability to fly, that they only touch the controls for about three minutes per flight, because the auto pilot does everything…..

Back to the (airport) trip, we loaded our jackets, GPS, tourist info (just kidding) and
headed south, for the one hour drive to the Indy airport……WOW!!! has the west side of Indianapolis changed…yes we had heard about the upgrades to I-465, but what changes…the apartment that we lived in when Ben was born (International Village Apts #2810) is GONE!!!  torn down to make way for the highway expansion.  New sweeping ramps…and of course the Airport Express Way, is no longer, you now travel to St. Louis, to enter the Indy Airport…(well it seems like you go to St. Louis), we drove around the front of the terminal…well yeah, after living and flying out of the Minneapolis airport for years the old Indy terminal felt a lot like flying in and out of Chicago Midway— way bad.

The new Indy airport seemed really nice and functional….we even had lunch
there….albeit, it was just a quick lunch…Lunch?, well it wasn’t much of a lunch, because the public lunch area only has 5-6 fast food places…but there appears to be more/better places
to eat near the gates..but, remember,  you’ve got to have a boarding pass AND be screened/searched/poked/proded “touched” and viewed to get in there…(another loss of the fun stuff, being able to roam from wing to wing of an airport)….

But back to the story—–we county folk, made it down and back without a mishap—-and we’re glad we’re back home, in the woods, rock’n on the porch…..does sound like I’m getting old doesn’t it??/


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to Flying

  1. Barb and Tom says:


    Did you just write this one or had you had it written before and just posted? Are you home now. It is earlier than we thought. Our temps were cold last week and we kept looking at Walker and it said 80*

    I think the buiding at International Village burned a couple years back.
    Let’s get together before we leave for the winter. It is starting to calm a little bit here


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