The Fighting Sullivan’s

The Fighting Sullivan’s

I’m in the “process” of thinking of Blog material….a couple of items are drafted, but in a discussion this morning, I had this flashback to an old black and white movie.

Old movies intrigue me.  Story lines are often simple, but the use of lighting in black and white, defines the quality of an exceptional director….

The Sullivan’s re-defined the United States Navy’s Duty Assignment criteria.

We have just lived through the 10 year anniversary of the destruction of New City’s Twin Towers; video-graphics from every angle and yet there are those that doubt it’s validity and claim we did it to ourselves to stir up unrest.

The call is that “We must never forget”.  Lest we forget, there are thousands we should never forget, through many wars….the Sullivan’s are an example.

I true story, film in 1944, about five brothers, from Waterloo, Iowa, born to a railroad worker.  Yes, the story line displays that the Sullivan’s were involved in a number of local altercations, usually with each other.  But, the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Sullivan’s enlisted in the United States Navy.  All five boys were assigned to the USS Juneau.  The ship was sunk at Guadalcanal in 1942 and all five perished.

After this loss, the Navy, no longer allowed siblings to be assigned to the same duty station.  Sure, they may all have lost their lives anyway, so many did.

It seems that I heard this year, that the last United States participant of the WWI died?  If so, “We must never forget”, a lot of good people, died that I could sit here and write this, and that you could sit there and read it.


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