Dust Bunnies and Coffee Cups

So, we are back home from vacation………………our home has wood floors.  It seems while we were gone that the dust bunnies took over our house.  I presume you know about dust bunnies.  Dust bunnies hop over your broom when go to sweep them, or turn on the vacuum and the dust bunnies run around floor, they’re impossible to catch.

Wonder where dust bunnies come from, they just to appear.

Speaking of appearing, I opened the cupboard the other day to get a coffee cup. I like to collect coffee cups–actually coffee mugs.  I’ve got coffee mugs with faces,  from places, or traces of accomplishments; we have actual coffee cups that match saucers and plates and that’s just on the bottom shelf!!

On the second shelf we have plastic mugs for grand-kids that have fish or flowers, patriotic stars and stripes mugs, and mugs that we received as Christmas gifts.

Speaking of Christmas, the top shelf is our holiday mugs, with every tranquil winter scene that can be thought of.

I’m standing there looking…..wait that doesn’t even  consider the “good” china cups over there, in the twice-a-year cupboard…why do two people need so many mugs/cups?

One, two, three………if we invited everyone we know, AND our entire family, and everyone used a cup/mug….it looks like we’d still have 41 unused mugs!!!

Yep, I think mugs are like dust bunnies, they seem to multiply when your not looking….


About tgriggs17

Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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