So the news is replete with Steve Job’s death.  I can’t let this day go by without mentioning his affect on us, and I don’t mean just IPod’s, IPad’s, IPhones.

Many of us did not live through the early days.  It was in the mid-1980’s that I got my first computer…and Apple IIC, 5 1/4″ (really) floppy disks.  What a marvel, to be able to do letters and spreadsheets.  It wasn’t long before the an upgrade was needed.  The IIGS, power at hand and the floppy disk was now 3 1/2″ plastic, certainly more portable and better protected data.  A color background and icons on the screen, it seemed like innovation would be unending.

The greatness about Apple was the Operating program was on a disk, it didn’t require a “bunch” of hard drive space.  But the push at this time was the MAC.  The Type B, people, who liked artsy stuff, and publishing liked the ease of the Mac, us Type A people liked the scientific computability of the Apple.

Those were the days, you were either IBM compatible people (those who like to read code and command lines on the screen) or Apple orphans.  Most of what we see today, color backgrounds, icons, file folders were Apple/Mac inventions.

Before my employer purchased sufficient numbers of computers for us, I brought my own Apple IIGS, to work, with external hard drive, two disk readers, daisy chained together and a printer all with screen icos and drag and drop!!  Since we were stand alone, we could use what we wanted, we just created our own spreadsheets and letters.

And just think, there was a parting of Apple and Job’s over company direction.  We’re lucky, the separation was good for Job’s focus and for the future of Apple upon his return.  I know my kids are happy, where would they be without IPad’s and IPhones?  Then again, where would our economy be without Job’s and his visions?


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One Response to IIC

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    Here is the article I wrote in 2009 about the Apple IIc mentioned in this post:

    And here is one I did about the IIGS:

    Probably more info than anybody wanted to know. But you know me, I’ve always loved the technology.

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