Economy Part 1 of 3

The American Economy

There is a lot of talk about the American Economy.  I have heard it said that the problem is that there are too many people unemployed.  I’ve also heard that there are  not enough American products being purchased.

The Belt Sander-I had a summer project that required the use of a belt sander.  I was at our summer place and MY belt sander was not.  There was a local, high-ticket hardware store in our village, I chose to bypass it to save some cash.  If we plan things right, we can make a number money-saving purchases by driving a little further.  So we drove 45 miles (that’s one way) to Bemidji  to the Menard’s store, (Menard’s is a regional “Home Depot”) picked out a new belt sander, and then proceeded to our other money-saving trips.  Bac at the “place”, I opened the box and saw what looked like wood dust on the sanding belt, it appeared used, so two days later I drove 45 miles  back to the Bemidji Menard’s and exchanged the sander for another one, I opened the box in the store and it looked fine.  When I got home, I took it out of the box and heard a rattle.  I examined it closely and found that ALL of the motor’s fan blades were broken and rattling inside the housing!! So, the next day, back in truck and drove another 45 miles to the Bemidji Menard’s and asked for my money back, which I was denied, do to company policy.  I was given a store credit, BUT, I decided it was time to choose a different retailer.  I drove up the road to Home Depot.  The only item that appeared to have any quality was a Porter-Cable sander, twice the price I had expected to pay.  But, it was a Porter-Cable, a superior name in wood working equipment!  It must be good it was HEAVY, WOW, and ONLY three 45 mile (one way) trips!!!!  This was a significant project yet the sanding portion was only for an hour, or so and yes it worked well.

Two months later, my neighbor had a similar project and needed the use of a belt sander.  Not only did I offer the sander, I offered some of my time to help………..10 minutes into the sanding, a bearing started squealing.   The first sanders from Menard’s were made in China.  I don’t know where the Home Depot, Porter-Cable sanders are made. But, here’s the problem.  I have now had THREE brand new sanders in my hand this summer and NOT ONE was made with what I deem to be”MADE IN THE USA” quality.

Vizio HD TV,–This summer, I decided that I was tired of watching my 13″ color TV with my digital adapted tuner.  Again I got in the truck but this time headed to the Baxter, to the Wal-Mart to look over their inventory of HD TV’s.  WOW!! What a picture, on this Vizio 26″ 1080 HD TV.  I bought it and brought it home and have enjoyed it most of the summer.  BUT, we are in a location that only accesses TV signals by TV antenna.  Here I am, three months after purchase, and some of my channels no longer work.  Remember, I have antenna TV, I’ve discussed digital TV in the past.  It appears that I have lost the TV tuner for channels 12 to 24.

The President spoke the of week (9/8/11) about the American Economy.  I don’t believe I need his speech……I know what the our problem is “they” keep selling junk and I keep buying it!!!!!!


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