Ghost’s and Goblins

Things that go bump in the night!!!

I remember as a child being frightened that ghosts were in my bedroom, and every shadow as something that was going to get me!!!!!  We had some of our granddaughters over last weekend and one is going through a fearful stage.  I have this “stuffed” fish on the wall, and the 2 year old is frightened of it.  Not to be out done, the four years doesn’t want to go back to the lake, because she’s afraid of water spouts-tornadoes over water!  We won’t even go into sleeping upstairs by themselves!

In the 50’s the cartoon, Casper the Friendly Ghost came out, he was a child ghost that kept mean ghosts from scaring everyone.  The thought of ghosts wasn’t quite so scary after Casper;  I grew up and realized that ghosts and goblins were just a phase of children’s fears.

At one time my parents bought a small farm, about 30 acres, 7 miles from our home, known there-abouts as the Stonebraker Place.  The farm house was two story, with both bedrooms upstairs and a small fruit cellar below.  Sam was a WWI veteran from North Dakota, how he got to central Indiana and what he did for work never interested me, so it’s lost to my memory.  But he was retired had been living at the Soldiers and Sailors Home, with little income, so dad gave him a place to live, the farm house, rent free.  Now Sam made his coffee in an, on-the-stove-top percolator.  That’s one where you put the grounds (not the finely ground drip coffee that we use today, but chunky grounds), in the upper basket, the water boils in the bottom, percolates up this tube, and drips back down, to recycle over and over until you pull it off the fire.  Throw cold water in the spout to settle any “stray” grounds.  Now, Sam would began his fresh pot on the Sabbath, and added grounds and water on Monday……and on through to Saturday.  By Saturday, Sam’s coffee didn’t have any resemblance to “real” coffee.  We leaned to not stop for coffee and a visit with Sam near week’s end.

Dad stopped by one day for an “early” week visit with Sam and they were in the back of the house, in the kitchen talking, when someone walked up the front steps and onto the porch.  Dad says, “Sam, someones here.”  Sam says, “Naw, It’s just the ghost.”  Dad, somewhat frustrated with Sam’s lackadaisical nature to the visitor, got up, went into the front room and opened the door.  No one was standing there.

Dad came back to the kitchen, perplexed.  Sam says, “I’ve been trying to tell ya there is a ghost and the house is haunted, cept, it’s a friendly ghost.”  As they were sitting there, dad heard footsteps going up the winding staircase and into one of the upper bedrooms.  Sam says, “He goes up there all the time.”

Now, I’ve got a flash back; my dad bought this place for his father, who had previously had a nervous breakdown and needed a place of his own to stay in.  When Grandpa was living there by himself, he had always claimed that the house was haunted and he didn’t want to stay.  Can you imagine someone who had had a nervous breakdown living in a house they thought haunted?

Well, today, dad is gone, grand dad is, long gone, and so is Sam.  The farm ground was sold to someone, as was the house to someone else.

Years later, the farm house dilapidated, was burned and used for practice by the community fire department.  One of the firemen noticed an oddity at the cellar window.  It appeared to be an image, he looked at it, walked to his truck, got a camera, walked back and the image was still there…….the image remained for almost five minutes.  Below is the picture that every fireman saw, and believed it to be the image of a person, trying to escape.

In the words of “Ghosts Busters”, I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!!”


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