Cowboys and Horses

I grew up in the 1950’s, early, early 50’s, almost before there was a 50!!  I think every boys’ dream was to be a cowboy.  After all, most movies were westerns, and as you moved into the mid-to-late 50’s half the TV theme’s were westerns…the other half were variety shows, yuk!!

Now, I had a hat, boots, and TWO guns!  Yes, I had, at one time a bucking rocking horse, later, it was a bucking trike.

But a horse, a horse was what every cowboy needed.  I begged and begged by parents to get me a horse, we had a BIG back yard.  If we had a horse, we wouldn’t need to cut the grass!!

Later, in my teenage years, I got to spend a week with my Grandma and her second husband Roy.  They had Shetland ponies and a buggy to ride.  My grandma would strap the horse up, and I got to drive the buggy around.  Now it my short visit I wasn’t very adept at the all the straps, bridles and I was very cautious around the pony.  I had a cousin that stayed out there a lot, and I don’t know, but I can imagine she could hook up that pony by herself.

It was a short pendulum swing from the the little boy that wanted a horse to the cautious teenager that got to drive one.  The pendulum stopped, not long after I begged for the “backyard horse”.

My father’s boss, had a family pick-nick, gathering at his place one Saturday evening.  He lived south of Cedar Lake, Indiana and had about 10 acres and two horses.  HORSES!!!  The little cowboys dream.  Either through begging or wining, who can remember which 50 years later…(personally, I feel better saying it was begging), I got to ride the horse.  It was saddle up and away I went.

Well, up and away, wasn’t quite right.  The making it go forward was NO simple task.  In fact, I was VERY good and making it stand still.  Still it stood;  I went to give a kick  with my heels, but I moved my left leg too far forward, just close enough for the horse to turn its head and bite my ankle! Ouch!  OUCH, OUCH!!!!! Just then, another guest had gone to the barn and the SECOND horse got out.  Now for whatever reason, these two horse had some sort of grudge!  The second charged the one I was riding and mine began bucking, and kicking.  Speaking of begging, I was now crying!!!! Get me off this thing!!!!!

Did you know horses BITE!!!

I had some broken skin, but no blood.  The next day, I decided I want to be a policeman!!!


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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