The Move

We got a call one evening…..(well, that’s not really true… today’s technology, we got a text)….that said our youngest son and his family had arrived.


Yes, they had arrived and the furniture would be following in a couple of hours.  The situation was that of a job-function change, which required a shift of residency from Georgia to New York.   Sure enough, the household that was boxed, packed and transported arrived as stated, arrived two hours later!!!

It made me wonder, why my moves didn’t experience the same smoothness?  Our first major move as “An Adventure in Moving”–does that strike cord with anyone?  There wasn’t much to the move…..  I had taken a job that required that I drive daily from our town to Indianapolis, about 60 miles each way.  After about 5 months, it became apparent that I would get to “keep” the job, so we looked for an apartment closer to work.  We would be selling and moving from a mobile home to an apartment.  Most of the mobile home furniture would stay (thank goodness!!)…we would only take certain personal items a couple of family type pieces of furniture etc.

Having selected, deposited and signed the papers we had an apartment and a move-in date.  We proceed to the nearest big-box furniture store, on the east side of Indianapolis, L. Fish Furniture.  We gingerly made our selections and arranged for delivery to coincide with our move in date…the first Saturday in May.

I left work early on Friday, picked up my Adventure in Moving trailer, trailer hitch, light assembly et al, loaded up and prepared for our Saturday morning adventure.

Now, I must digress, slightly; when I said we were moving to Indianapolis, that wasn’t exactly true…..we were moving into the vicinity, but technically, we were just off the interstate, I-465, within the city limits of Speedway.  There are just some sports that do not hold my interest, and at the top of the list is auto-racing.  For those that lack the knowledge, the Indianapolis 500 IS NOT in Indianapolis, but rather it is in Speedway.  In 1973, the year of this move, the Month of May, as it is called, was truly a month.  Every Saturday, prior to Memorial Day’s race, was a qualification/bump day!  I was not aware of the May traffic patterns!!!

So, off we went, right after breakfast, heading to our apartment.  The exit, THE EXIT!! We couldn’t see the exit…. We were stuck on the interstate for an hour!!!  Little did I know, the exit I wanted was the MAIN race-track exit!!  Ok, enough is a enough!! I jumped off an exit early….I lacked patience in those days….and we found a back way to the apartment.

Unpacked, we awaited our furniture delivery…and waited…I called, it’s on the way…about 2 pm it came.  The workers, carried up three flights of stairs, the dresser, the clothes chest, the end tables, the bed stands, 3 lamps and a bed frame.  Bed frame?  “Where’s the mattress?”   “Where’s the couch…”  Not on the packing slip!

Well says I “you’d better go back and get them”….  I was told we’ll need to call, as they walked out to the truck and drove away.

I called.

“Sorry, we’ll send them out Tuesday”.  “Tuesday!!!, Where am I sleeping tonight, Sunday and Monday?” Says I.

We’ll deliver out that way again Tuesday.  (Three nights on the floor…..I don’t do floor well!!) Thank you L. Fish Furniture.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me of our family move from Minnesota back to Indiana.  The short version….the Mayflower truck arrived one day late, because he was using the truck to hall hay at his uncles ranch in Wyoming.  On the other other end, the truck arrived late in Indiana because he and his significant other had a fight, and she took off with the truck keys.  He had to get another set from the company! Another oh yeah, furniture arrived busted.

How do my kids’ move go so much better than mine???


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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