What Do You Do All Day?

I have been retired since 2006. Those on the “other-side of retirement, the uh, “working class”, are befuddled at retirement.  “What can you possible find to do all day?”  It’s obvious, that those are words, coming from one that, five days a week, needs to go somewhere and be directed to do something.  All of the work-a-day people, have to do their hunting-gathering on the weekends, after which their time is delegated to project completion.

Those of us retired, save the weekends for the weekend hunter-gathers.  We prefer to do our hunting-gathering during the week, when all of you ill-tempered, patience-lacking work-a-day people aren’t around to takeover the roadways and parking spaces.

Live Chat

An example of how I spend time, is on “things-to-do”.  Sunday afternoon I planned to return to a project requiring the use of my 35-year-old table saw.  It wouldn’t turn on…I began taking it a part and learned the switch was bad.  Off to the internet I went…even as an old man, I consider how lucky I am to have the internet, my father would have been amazed. Wait, do you know how virtually impossible it is to find a 35-year-old off/on switch, to fit the faceplate of my table saw?  Finally, I found myself on the Sears Parts Web site, as I typing in a question, a “live chat” screen appeared!  Now, I’ve occasioned live chat on Yahoo, my Facebook Wife has live chatted….but this live chat, like live TV must be time-delayed.  The delay was around 45 seconds, maybe even up to a couple of minutes.  Be that as it may, they were able to find the correct (I hope) part, talk me into a second nondescript item, hook up with on-line coupons, get shipping, AND billing information and it only took and hour and 10 minutes!!

This morning, my wife was going through our bills and she noted that one credit card didn’t give the correct purchase-bonus points.  I made a quick computation and sure enough, $13.00 short.  To the web page I went, started the email complaint procedure and ANOTHER chat box came up…  HEY, are looking over my shoulder?  Do, I have my Web Cam on???  Any way, this assistant wanted to help me….again with the time delay, (they must have thought I was going to pop off some nasty language or something)..we worked through my question, billings, purchases, what I had signed for and yes, I had more credit coming which would be on my next statement.

So, this time delay…..is it because they are working multiple screens as one time OR am I really talking a computer?

What does a retirement person do all day?  Well the first half is spent “live chatting” with a time-delayed person…the other half of the day is spent blogging about it…

Update, Update…..after 10 days of not seeing the arrival of the Sears Table Saw switch I search out the Sears Part Chat Line….found it, and had another helper search it out….sure enough…my fears were confirmed, that part is no longer in existence….


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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