Civil War

The Class

Do you remember studying the Civil War; depending on your perspective, its root cause was either slavery or state’s rights.  It sort of had its basis in disparity between the classes.  The Southern Plantation Class, versus the Northern non-plantation class.  I’ve been reading a biography on Patrick Henry, it seems class was very much a focus leading up to the Revolution.  When the Virginia Counties organized County Militia in 1775, the volunteers were composed of Gentlemen, freeholders and others.

I was reading an article in the Minneapolis Tribune about the new census information, which shows that the “older class” has 47 times more net worth today than it did in 1984 and the “younger class” has 68% less.  The 65 or older have net worth of $170,500, while those under 35 have a net worth of $3,600.  Why is this a surprise?? A 65-year-old has spent 40 or more years paying off his/her house, while the 35-year-old is still in debt. I think I recall my net worth at age 35 as a negative $1,500.  Actually, many young people want to begin their household with EVERYTHING that their parents currently have, which means they must go in debt to have “it”.

The article quotes Georgetown Professor Harry Holzer; “It makes us wonder whether the extraordinary amount of resources we spend on retirees and their health care should be at least partially reallocated to those who are hurting worse than them,” and he calls the magnitude of the wealth gap “striking.”

The next Civil War

Not taking sides, but observing, that, Democrats tend to appeal to our benevolent social nature., while the Republicans lean toward the self exploration of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” without government intervention theme. This argument stretches back to the adoption of the Constitution, between the Federalists and anti-Federalists.

The Occupy Wall Street-is an attempt to identify, segregate and manipulate general opinion between the CLASS that’s deemed to have and compared to the CLASS that’s deemed to have not.  Does personal greed and leveraging run rampant, well, yes.  Will it be corrected by such protests, well, no.  But, this protest gives the appearance of an attempt to “take away” something from one and give it to another-what did we call that in school?

Enter Professor Holzer:-he appears to believe that those that don’t have the wealth should have someone elses.

The greatest generation in history:-as stated by a book of the same name, stood up and gave life and limb to fight fascism, communism and socialism to protect liberty and freedom.   The “greatest generation’s “baby boomer” children, it was determined,  should be taxed to feed the “federalist” agenda to provide for the less advantaged;  to provide social security and medicare to an aging population; and the agenda was expanded to the recognition of those in need, giving money and benefits to people who never contributed, and never will contribute.  Those recipients were not given a hand-up but a handout, being made permanent benefactors of a federalist-government.

It is the boomer generation that dealt with its own social conscience; over-population.  The educated baby boomer was taught to limit family growth to conserve our resources, and yet through technology we researched new and better health products which elongated life.  Thus, we are growing older, but didn’t produce enough children to support us AND to support the non-contributors.  The Plan, that was designed to provide for the Older Class, needs to be reduced, per Professor Holzer, to provide for the less-advantaged Class.

Paternal Government-what some are calling the new Socialism.                                                 a.  In the midst of the Depression, the greatest generation was told that they were incapable of preparing for an older life, thus Social Security was thrust upon them.                                                                                                                                                        b.  In the 1960’s the boomer generation was warned that since we were giving so much of the social dollars away, that each person needed to “supplement” Social Security in their later days with private investment.                                                                                          c. The Paternal Government now says, since you didn’t produce enough children to sustain what we are giving away, AND since you invested so well, we going to give your benefits to someone who didn’t work, didn’t save, and didn’t invest.                                                      d.  Not only did you generate too much wealth, you died with more money than you should pass to your children, so the Paternal Government, needs to take away much of your estate, so that government programs can continue to benefit others.

We are left in the middle of a modern-day, CLASS-civil war, epitomized by the Congress of 2011-2012.


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