I became an avid follower of CSI. I’m not enthusiastic about CSI Miami or CSI NY.  Both of those are OK, but they seem more like “just another” cop show.  Their (Miami and NY) CSI people seem to combine detective action with science stuff, and are the first on scene to “apprehend”.  But, (the orginal) CSI always seemed to focus more on the science and investigative rather than the frontal assault policeman (I’ve even last through all the character changes).  Ok, I know that it’s TV, and things don’t get solved in an hour’s show, which equates to about a day in life of the program.  It must be only a day, because often the actors don’t change their clothes.  They wear the same shirt at the beginning of the investigation as at the end.  And I realize that in REAL life, an investigation takes, weeks, even months to complete.


Why do I like NCIS?  I don’t know.  It is a cop show with, some science stuff thrown in. Yeah the singular lab geek adds dimension not typical in most cop shows.  Hummm???  Is her lab work restricted to THAT one group or is she suppose to do techy things for other teams?

What I really wanted to talk about was this device that the NCIS investigators use to read a finger print, send it digitally to the Navy data base and get an instant ID (that’s identification for all you non-cop-show patrons of ballet type entertainment).  OK, I accept that NCIS ONLY investigates Navy personnel and all Navy personnel have their finger prints “on file”.  But, it’s just so neat they can do that!

Recently, I had occasion to participate in the Indiana computerized, digitally re-master, fingerprint program.  If something ever happens to me, an NCIS-techy can stick my finger in this machine and get an instant read-out of who I am, or maybe who I was.

The computerized, digitally re-master finger print program, however, didn’t like my fingers!!!!!!  I had to run my fingers in hot water for a minute, dab them dry and try again.  No better….  I waited in this little room, for about 30 minutes with my hands stuck up my arm pits, for a State Finger Print Supervisor to show up.  I didn’t have readable fingerprints!!  The supervisor finally got an (moderately) acceptable image, but I was told, that had they had to rely on the old ink method, they never could have gotten an acceptable print.  The first person said she had NEVER been unable to get an impression before.  I have almost NO fingerprints.  It seems that getting my fingers into furniture refinishing strippers, paint thinners etc, has wreaked havoc on my prints. So, all of those comments my kids made and grandkids follow-up on about grandpa “licking” his fingers to turn the page of a book..ISN”T just a habit, but has basis in scientific, medical fact.

HEY!!!  If I don’t have fingerprints, I could get away with dastardly deeds………..


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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2 Responses to CSI and NCIS

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    You could work for the Men in Black….

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