7 Billion Dollars

I was reading the paper a few weeks back and saw where the Federal Government has decided that everybody should have internet access.  There are a bunch of people who are already connected to Internet Cables, Internet Phone Lines, etc.  But, they, the government, has some how determined that 7 million of us, don’t have readily available access to the internet.


Have I mention the latest Census to you?  Did, I explained that I’m NOT IN the most recent census.  It’s not that I didn’t want to be.  The problem was or may still be that Federal Agencies don’t communicate. to each other  Here the picture–I live in a house…early in the census year, we were visited, at our house,  by census “scouts”.  The scouts were reconnoitering the area and asked about our mail. (Someone MUST have told them I’d be problem)  Asked about my being able to get my census form here….remember I live way into mid-middle America.  I said, I DON’T get my mail here, I drive 8 miles into town and get it at a Post Office.  “WHY???” says scouts.  “because” says I, “our neighbors take our mail and thow it in the woods, they trash the mail box,  and yank the door off”.   “So”, says the scout how are we going to get you your census?”  “Mail it” say I, “to my Post Office.”

Census time rolls around and my local post office gets census’ for everyone one with a box…..except those with a box that live out, like me, get their census mailed to a physical location-which can’t be delivered–which gets returned to post office—which is short of funding and can’t spare the time to match those 10 people whose physical address is on a list equating to a box number.  So, my census form was mailed to Chicago for further handling.  The Post Office Staff (the same staff the sent my original form to Chicago) sent me to the Town Hall to get blank census form, who said come back next week, which I did, who said come back next week, which I did and finally picked up a blank form.  Dutifully, I filled out 10 nondescript questions (or so) and mailed it to Chicago, feeling pretty good about it.  (I’ve got a blog coming about the Post Office.) (Oh, and speaking census’s…I’ve been doing a little genealogy work…and you could really learn family information from those….not like today’s census, that if kept, will mean nothing.)

A month later, while on an extended fishing vacation, we checked our phone messages.  Three were from the “local” temporary census office..they had no record of our filling out a census form at that address!!!!  I called; out to lunch!  Now when your fishing…..not much is urgent, other than fresh bait, and a full tank of gas!  I called back some time later, (it was either after the gas or bait ran out) the office was closed, the census was over.  I don’t believe we have been counted…wonder if they’d miss me if I just quit paying taxes?

Back to $7 Billion

The newspaper said that the Government had 7 Billion Dollars in a fund they were going to appropriate to give everyone internet access.  And that it was determined that 7 million people would benefit.  That works out to $1000 per person.  Wait!!  Where did they come up with 7 million people?  I hope it wasn’t from the census, for which I wasn’t included.

I’ll bet that even though we don’t have, and can’t get internet access here….we’re not included, since the internet is all around us…just not down our dead-end road.

Isn’t this just like a Government project???  Couldn’t they find something better to do that $7 Billion than spend it on some idea to give internet to 2 people in that area of Wyoming and a few people out there on the Texas plains….   I bet the idea came from some company that wants pocket the money.


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