I’m of the generation that remember’s how “cartoons” used to be, black and white, and that was on the movie screen, not just the TV!!  It’s really fantastic how today’s cartoon’s have improved…..OK, OK, so today’s “stuff” is called Full Length Animated Features.  I don’t understand why people have change names all the time–I mean a film with “drawn” figures, not using real people is a cartoon….I also often still “slip” when  talking about “thongs”…I mean Flip Flops…this gets so confusing!!

Actually, I find that the Animated Features are MUCH more enjoyable and entertaining that 90% of the “real people” films.  The animated characters don’t go out and get drunk, do drugs, crash cars, wind up in court nor get married and divored 14 days.  Case in point, is the movie UP.  I truly enjoy that one, how more true to life can you get.  Two young people, growing up, getting married growing old together, living in the house with the white picket fence, being pushed out by progress… It’s like watching life unfold before your eyes.  And then there’s the dogs, with voice translators–ok, so that’s not so real, but it sort of comes from the movie “The Last Star Fighter”.

These dogs get ALL excited when the word squirrel is mentioned.  “Squirrel, Squirrel??!!!


Actually, this movie makes my mind think about squirrels.

I’ve got this friend that hunts squirrels, “sort of hunts”…in the city…well, he doesn’t go OUT looking for them…he awaits their arrival upon his bird feeder.  (Hey, have you seen the video on TV about this guy with a mechanised bird feeder?  When a squirrel gets on the feeder, he turns on the power and the feeder spins, the squirrel hangs on until he’s dizzy and falls to the ground and staggers like a drunk?)  My friend, however,  has an air rifle and he persuades foraging squirrels, that his bird feeder is off-limits.

In my youth, I used to hunt squirrels.  My friend Lloyd came over once to hunt with me in our woods.  He was well prepared, a 22 caliber rifle with 8x (that’s eight power) scope, and hunting shirt and hat.  Squirrels have this engrained sense of preservation, if they’re in a tree you’re walking toward, they scooch around to the back-side “invisible” to you.  I got out my seemly 50 pound, antique, 22 rifle, without a scope, and directed Lloyd to head out first…hee, hee.  As he passed a tree the squirrels would come around to my side and I picked off two right away….. I left him and circled through the woods. Coming up over a hill, I could hear a squirrel barking.  Barking is squirrel talk for sitting in a tree chattering, “I spot trouble, I spot trouble, don’t come this way!”  I think that’s what I remember him saying.  There he was, in the top of the huge Black Oak tree (the squirrel that is, not Lloyd) , right above where my Lloyd was sitting, who ( Lloyd that is) was looking around for that chattering squirrel.  I braced against a tree, aimed at the little ball of fur and squeezed off the shot.  The squirrel came crashing down, Lloyd jumped up, as the squirrel fell not 3 feet from him.

One time my dad took me to a farm auction, and I bought a 16 gauge single-shot shotgun, 2 boxes of shells, and an ammo belt for $5.25, can’t do things like that any more!  One afternoon, I went squirrel hunting with that shotgun.  I only hunted in our woods, do you remember some of my stories about the woods?  ( I’ll link you to “Hunting Cows”)  Back to this hunting trip…….I saw a squirrel, pulled up the shotgun and squeezed off a shot.

Now a shotgun’s barrel is tapered, so the shot is “squeezed” together to make a tight pattern of pellets.  Shotguns are usually made it Full Choke (very tight/close pattern) or Modified Choke (not so tight/close)  Well, this shotgun was a Cylindar Bored Choke, that means “extremely” loose pattern, buckshot spreads quickly.  If your target is far, you are dang lucky to hit it with buckshot.

Back to the shot—–this squirrel, was at LONG range, and I hit it!!!  It fell to the ground. My first thought, was; I wonder if I just wounded it? I took off on a run, down the hill holding the empty shotgun at the breach……..  In my excitement, two things had eluded me senses, first the squirrel had not been in OUR tree–hence it didn’t fall on our property, second our electric (keeping the cows in) fence was between me and that squirrel. On this part of the hillside the fence runs at a 45 degree angle down hill, I was running straight down the hill……the barrel touched the fence, I was holding the metal breach, my feet, or at least ONE foot was perfectly grounded……and so I became…perfectly seated on the ground, wondering why I was no longer moving and my hand was tingling?????

 Squirrel hunting no longer excites me…..


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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