The Curb

We have a “back porch”, or is it a front porch?  This is so confusing. most people  think that you drive up to the front of a house, but in our floor plan you enter the house through the dining room-kitchen area, which just seems to me like the “back” of the house.  Anyway, we have rocking chairs on our porch, and we “accessorize” the porch for the season.  In the winter, we lean a couple of sleds up against the wall.  The grandkids have been known to grab a sled and have some fun.

The sleds were a mid-night, five-finger acquisition.  No, no, it’s not what you think.  I came home one evening, to see that our neighbor had placed these two practically new sleds at the curb with their trash container for the next days pick up.  We were young grandparents then (well not THAT young, rather new grandparents) and I had visions of grandchildren using these sleds at the soon-to-be-ground-breaking-in-the-wood retirement home we were planning.

This sled acquisition, gets me thinking.  The real estate agents sales line is “Location, Location, Location”.  We lived for a time in Minnesota, on a ten-mile, no stop light, short-cut route between suburbia and Minneapolis.  We had this curb location, it was almost magical. Things just “disappeared”.   I placed the storm mangled swing-set out there, a lady stopped and asked if she could have it, her husband could fix it.  And then to my wife’s EXTREME embarrassment, the old commode, with lid up only lasted 36 hours, disappeared in the middle of the night!

We had these friends from church, Gus and Evodia.  (They are a separate story of their own)  Gus NEVER threw anything out, if there could possibly be a hint of use somewhere in it, he found a storage place for it.  For years, Evodia, cooked supper on an apartment size stove with one working burner. I stopped by Gus’s house to see if he had a part to something (which buried in the garage he found).  In our conversation, he asked if I wanted this carpet that was rolled up on the garage floor?  It seems that about 10 years before they had replaced the front room carpet, but Gus couldn’t give up the old one.  I had no need for a carpet, but there, standing in the background, was Evodia, with seemingly pleading eyes, “please take it”

It was full of dirt, it weighed a TON!  But Gus and I pulled it out, and literally pitched it in the back of my pickup.  I didn’t even think twice…well, yeah I thought all the way home, how am I going to explain this!!!…I stopped at the edge of the drive and tossed the carpet onto the curb.

It rained the following two days.  On the third day a guy stops by, (he must have been related to Gus!!) he asked if he could have the carpet!!!  (Great!! I was already concerned that the trashmen, wouldn’t or couldn’t take this water-soaked mixture of mud and fabric)  We loaded it into his truck, and off he went leaving a trail of dripping water down the road.

Yep, there are just some points in life that make you smile………even giggle.


About tgriggs17

Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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