Many years ago, I was the family grocery shopper.  I could quote price of our grocery supplies.

Over the years, role reverse has taken a firm foot-hold on my life and I couldn’t tell you the “average” price of a loaf of bread, let alone hamburger.  (By the way, in “MY-DAY” bread only came in white–they must not make white bread any longer, today’s bread in our house is usually brown and often nutty!)

Anyway, I opened the cupboard last week and spotted a can of Prego.  Prego!  When I was shopping, the new thing was Ragu. I laughed.  Ragu, what a name.  Who would pay good money for canned spaghetti sauce?  It made me shiver just to think of canned spaghetti sauce!

I was about five years old.  We lived in a little town in Lake County Indiana, just southeast and across the state line from Chicago.  My wanna-be chef father talked our neighbor, Chuck Hogan into helping him create the perfect spaghetti sauce.  It was a weekend affair, the top of our huge white kitchen stove covered in pots, pans and skillets.  The  browning hamburger, cans of whole tomatos (or is that tomatoes?), bay leaves, oregano, onions, etc., etc.  simmering all weekend.  Dad was a pretty good cook, but, he wasn’t much on clean up, mom got stuck with that.

I don’t remember much more of that weekend, but, 25 years later, I was still using that recipe.  Ragu!! What a name.!!  Who would buy canned spaghetti sauce?

Another 25 years and I’m not doing the shopping (nor am I volunteering to take it back up!!) nor am I making the “recipe”.  As two people come together, the realization comes forth that not everything has a common ground in marriage.  My wife doesn’t like whole tomatoes in the sauce, (nor does she like stewed tomatoes).

I don’t know if Ragu is still out there, but the Prego sits upon the shelf, ‘WE’ like it better.  Better?  Ok what’s better about it….. it is red, but the flavor is blended……………nondescript.

Where did cooking go? I guess it went south and was replaced with canned cake frosting, cake in a box, and microwave mac and cheese!!  ugh!!!  Can anyone REALLY call that cooking?


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to Ragu

  1. Krista Henson says:

    Yes–Ragu is still out there! But, my family will not eat Ragu and will only eat Prego–so when the coupons come out, I stock up! I think any “cooking” counts at home, even if you use jarred spaghetti sauce! My two cents anyway…

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