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What are your thoughts on Evolution?  Here in the middle mid-west America, our state legislature has been mulling around a new law to require that creationism be taught as a science in our schools.  The opinion pages of our newspaper has been full of empathetic beliefs for weeks.  As you can imagine, Creationist believe the subject should get equal time, and that evolution does not meet the true level of scientific study, because it can’t be “recreated”.  Evolutionist’s disclaim that creation as fanciful wishful thinking.  What I KNOW is limited, but what I’ve SEEN is this.  I’ve been watching this oak tree outside my house for 50 years, I’m waiting, but it’s not evolved into a pine tree yet, and yet I also know that over the centuries mankind had “evolved” into a taller species.

When I was very young we lived in a small town one block away from busy, U.S. 41.  After breakfast, we’d hop on the bikes and ride down the block….never going to the busy highway.  We headed for someone’s yard, a vacant lot, or a woods and plot kid things.  Kid things like, the next ball game…..or daring each other to ride down Schmal Hill, backwards in you wagon, or which girl your were going to tease.  The Catholic cemetery was right behind our houses, at dusk we’d hide behind the tombstones and try to scare each other.

TV, was black and white, and came in a box that you had to walk up to, to change to one of the three channels.  Programming didn’t start until 4 or 4:30 in the afternoon.  Telephones were party lines and games came on boards that required two or more people to play.

I can remember only ONE occurrence of someone trying to pick up any kid at a bus stop.  We were all lined up, waiting on the bus, school was in the second floor of he St John, Firehouse. This gray car drove up, stopped, the driver leaned over, opened the passenger door and said, “the bus is broken and I’m suppose to take you school…”  I was first in line, so I headed for the car…..Cheryl Cline yelled, “here comes the bus!!!”  The car took off….  The bus wasn’t coming….smart girl, for a second grader…when the bus came, all the kids told the bus driver, but I stayed quite.

I think child abductors are bolder today,I don’t know why that is.  Maybe kids are alone more, parents are home less, and its takes longer and its harder to prosecute.

Kids have less respect for adults today.  If I did a wrong at school and got paddled, I got another one at home.  Corporal punishment at school today is a thing of the past, kids would be too sacred if they were really punished.

I guess I do believe in evolution….at least a form of evolution….and what I see isn’t pretty.  We’ve evolved from what some call the simpler life.  A large portion of our youth today can’t cope with interpersonal relationship.  They want to control parents, adults and peers…bully, poke and manipulate.

What have we done?  These kids will one day run our governments, wage war or not…but believe me…they’ll expect that someone owes them everything…if they’re caught doing a wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault…..

Social evolution is a scientific fact, we can reproduce theses events…..evolution, it’s not always a pretty thing—-when we let it run its course, uncontrolled.


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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