Safety Glass

The other evening one of my granddaughters called me to ask a question.

The question made me reflect back to the mid-1950’s.  I watched a lot of TV, I was mesmerized by it. (Sort of under a spell, like th “Outer Limits”-you had to be there) There was this one nameless black and white movie about a man whose wife had automobile accident that caused her to fly through the windshield, as a result, she was blinded.  In the really old days seat belts, padded dashboards and safety glass were unheard-of.  Actually the movie was true story, because this man went on to invent safety glass for cars.

I responded to my granddaughters’ question with following story.

I was attending Dyer, Indiana Junior-Senior High School as a seventh grader.   Thinking back, my friends were limited and my actions usually infantile.  There was this one kid that I joked around with– I never relented in my teasing, getting in the last word etc—(many will attest that that still holds true today).  This one kid and I sort-of tapped each other, then a little nudge, a poke attempting to have the last “hit”. He was working in the school kitchen and I had just finished lunch.  He was watching that trash, and nothing other than trash, hit the trash barrel.

I got the last “slug” in and took off down the hall, heading out of the new building for the neighboring older building.  I was running, full-tilt, for the double swinging doors.  I glanced back to see how close he was to me–explosion!!!  I was dazed, girls coming in the doorway were screaming, yelling.  A had busted out the plate-glass window, and was hanging, half way over the metal door frame.  A couple of teachers, maybe the football coach walked me to the nurses room.  I was dropping blood everywhere I went.  They tried leaning me over the nurse’s sink, using a cold compress, I looked in the mirror and could stick my tongue out my lower lip.  The football coach attempted encouragement by saying that “he’s seen football injuries were worse than this”.

I was laid down on the nurse’s bed while the football coach rounded up a half-dozen football players.  The football players carried me out to a waiting station wagon, everyone piled in and I was driven to the nearest hospital…the Dyer, Indiana sanitarium!!  Luckily a doctor was close by (they didn’t seem to have them standing around in Emergency like today)  and he stitch up my chin.  About an inch lower and the glass would have cut my jugular.

I became the example of why running in school halls is discourage.

My granddaughter was impressed with my story..and the 3-year-old granddaughter, told the story over and over the next day at nursery school.  Maybe I’ll set a good example by this.

(Someone knows I need to set as many “good” examples as I can).


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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