We visited some friends last week while they camped in the lakes region of Florida.  These people have been camping in campers or RV’s for years.  We had always promised to stop by if we were ever in the area….we were in the area and so we did.  Actually we were visiting with two camping church family friends.

Our camping background has been limited.  My wife has had childhood experience, out in the Rocky’s, which I believe included an earthquake and a bear.

My experience included tenting.  One trip in southern Illinois included rain, wet sleeping bags and our dog, in a tent only made for three, not three, a dog and 100 gallons of water.

We had another tenting excursion that included my grandparents sleeping in their station wagon, a 100 foot extension cord and a suit case.

The story goes like this, we went to a southern Indiana State Park one fall weekend.  My grandparents came along (my mom’s parents) who slept in their station wagon car.  It got so cold that dad broke out the extension cord, we broke into a state cabin and tapped into the electric to operate mom’s electric blanket!!   We got up the next morning…I don’t think mom slept very well…she got a suit case out of the trunk of our car and then decided to move the car and backed over the suit case.   Hearing the sound, she pulled forward and ran over it again!!!  We don’t talk about that trip……  But, the next week dad sold that tent!

Early in our marriage we drove to southern Illinois to visit my grandparents ( my dad’s parents).  They were camping in a State Park, for the summer!!  This state park was only 15 miles from their home.  They closed up their home, returning every other day to pick up the mail and moved into their state park, parked camper.  It seems, at least then, being an  Illinois’ Senior Resident, you could camp for a dollar a day, electric, water and sewer included.  They camped near the shower house for showers.  There’s just something about sitting around a fire when it’s 95 degrees outside baking cherry pies.  Cherry pies, that ‘s pie filling between two pieces of bread, baked in this little metal folding cooking iron thing…..

What a good time with our friends.   A boat ride on Like Kissimmee, Sand hill Cranes, Alligators and watching airboats!   Whenever I suggested that we would take our friends out for a meal, the ladies piped up that they already had the meals prepared and ready to go.

I think back to that camping experience with my grandparents in the 95 degree weather….I just don’t know if I could do this for more than just a visit!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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