Foreign Language

I’ve come to a point in my life where I believe knowing a foreign langauge would be a valuable.  I think Spanish might be a valuable language.  I’ve been hearing more and more Spanish spoken on the street.  Since so many people are speaking Spanish, I just wonder what’s being said.  I know that if people are walking down the street talking “American” and someone says they are lost, I could possibly be of assistance.  But is that same confusion is said in Spanish, I wouldn’t be able to help.

I had an opportunity to learn Spanish in High School.  I took Spanish 1, truthfully it took me!  As I remember, the Spanish teacher gave each of us a name, which was our “english” name translated into Spanish, which was required to be used in class.  Everyone in the class got these cool names like, Juan, Jose, Juanetta, etc.  But, my translated name was something like 15 characters long, with 2 L’s which are pronounced as Y!

Did I explain that as a child I had an extreme difficulty with stuttering?  Stuttering would occasionally recur in my teenage years.  The Spanish language makes use of twirling the R’s when spoken……I could never twirl my R’s.  The lack of R twirling is deemed a speech impediment to those that speak Spanish.  So, I’ve got this Spanish speech impediment mixed with a potential regular stuttering impediment.

I lost interest in Spanish quickly!  Speaking the language became a near impossibility.  Spanish class became a diversion, a non-class, where Gordon and I just messed around.

The only other foreign language in my little middle mid-western country school was Latin.  I was not raised in the Catholic Church, so I had never run across, Latin before, but since Latin was deemed a “dead” language, I assumed that I might have a chance with it–no twirling R’s.

I actually did rather well, in Latin…I didn’t have to speak it and yet I got to translate stories about ancient Rome, and I enjoyed ancient history!!

Here’s an interesting twist.  Not long ago, I had a friend do her first ever look at one of Blogs which turned out to be my Banjo Blog…her one, and only comment focused on the how I spelled the plural of Banjo.  Humph, reminded me how the liberal press chastised Vice President Dan Quale for his spelling of potatoe. (Ant or Aunt?)

I remember now, English is another language I considered to be a foreign language in high school and college.  Plurals, spellings, sentence fragments, all created an atmosphere of discouragement to me.  English papers ALWAYS were always returned looking as if they had “bled to death”.

My youngest son and I were driving back from a long weekend in Minnesota, he was there to keep me company, or awake on this trip.  Somewhere in Wisconsin, the return trip became long and quite, so my son decides to expose me to the rules for the tenses (?) of words, or something like that.  (Where did he come from?)  About 112 miles down the road (it seemed like 512 miles down the road) he says, ” that’s all there is, now can you repeat that back?”  Repeat it back??!! Who is this kid?  Ah….I got to step 1 and gave up…no wonder English is foreign language to me.  Oh, yeah, I’m good a proof reading….someone else’s material…actually I’m quite good at it……but I can’t proof my own.  I read my proof the same way I THINK I’m writing it…I never see the errors!  Strange..  Those of you thinking about my spelling…remember, I’m working with a foreign language here…..

So, after living in six decades, I guess, I’ll leave at, “I wish I knew a foreign language, preferably Spanish”, I would then know what they’re a saying, and I could them if they’re lost…….


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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2 Responses to Foreign Language

  1. Ben Griggs says:

    I like this one, Guillermo.

  2. Bev says:

    so you’re saying I should stop picking on you for your spelling? …nah!

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