The Leap

“How did you make that Leap?” Was my wife’s question….

Isn’t the mind a wonderful and strange thing?  Why does it work the way it does?

We were having breakfast talking about the chain saw I bought her for Valentines Day!  What, you don’t buy your wife great gifts like this?

Actually, we had been in our small group session the night before, the men were discussing what they had gotten their wifes for Valentines Day…..when, do to my quietness, I was asked what I done.  ” I bought her a new chain saw”, says I, proudly!  One of the women says, she thought that had been a joke, not a truth.  My 30-year-old chain saw was dying, so I walked into this store a week before Valentines Day, and the sales person asks, “What can  I do for you?”  I responded, “I’m thinking of buying my wife a chain saw for Valentines.”  He gets this strange look on his face, and asks, “How long have you been married”. I said, “Almost 43 years”…to which he said, “Well, I guess you know what you can get away with!!”  (Truthfully, I had been saving up..and it seemed like the saw was to become the immediate purchase….  🙂

So, here we are, sitting at breakfast, talking and chuckling about this story……chew a little bit….when I asked…”Are you taking the quilt this summer to the lake to finish it?  The quilt was last summer’s project, to be finished over the winter…but still, after 6 months, it’s awaiting some final pattern to be selected….)  Which gets us back to where this all started!

“How did you make that LEAP”, she asks?

“The mind is a wonder device!! It was easy” I said…it goes like this…..

We were talking about the new chain saw…..which led to remember the old chain saw.   I remembered that I used to get the old saw sharpened when we lived in this other town. I had taken it to be sharpened at a place where the only this guy did was sit around a 55 gallon barrel stove, drink coffee with friends and think of things his wife could do to make money.  He had purchased this chain saw sharpener from the guy I used to go to.  Her poor job of sharpening made me remember that this guy had purchased this chain saw sharpening tool—from a kindly old man who sharpened saws in his garage.  I throughly enjoyed talking to this older man and had my saw sharpened there many times.  But, he was getting older, and the insurance company wanted to increase his homeowners premiums for having a wood burning stove in his garage while sharpening.  His wife made him give up the sharpener.  Getting too old to do things, made me think of these new people we had met at the lake. He had a hip replaced in the spring, but by fall, his wife implied he was getting too old to take the boat and dock out of the water. (He was really disheartened)  That reminded me that his wife, was very instrumental in helping my wife get started on the quilt project last summer, and certainly she would ask this summer to see the results…  Hence, I asked …”Are you taking the quilt to the lake this summer to finish?

That’s how I made the Leap.  Surprisingly the entire thought process only took moments–albeit, senior moments….Not surprisingly, however, trying to remember all this, took the rest of the day!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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