The Yard

We occasionally have friends visit us here in our woods in the middle midwest.  And depending upon the time of year, they marvel at our yard.  Now the picture you see is NOT our yard…it’s the image of a yard most people long to have.  Except for me.  My wife would love to have a flower garden like this…but alas, she gets a rash from being in the sun too long.  Bugs irritate her, and we live on a gravel lane, so our passing neighbor stirs up the dust, and her asthma.  My wife would like to plant a flower and have it spring forth like a Better Homes and Garden cover page, while she watches from the safety within.

I take a common sense attitude to yard work–why do it.  Let’s think this out, you buy grass seed, and fertilizer, water like crazy, so you can buy a big lawn mower, expensive gas, oil and repairs, so you can divert leisure time into mowing…then you rake and/or bag your clippings and pay a trash hauler to haul them away…(some communities however no longer allow clippings in the trash)  This just seems an expensive, non-productive endeavor!

My mowing days began early in life.  I came from a more simple time.  Dad bought a lawn mower, ( I don’t think he liked mowing either) it was a “power reel” variety.  No one, absolutely NO ONE bought gas for their mowers.  EVERYONE bought a 5 ft siphon hose, and we sucked it out of our cars!  Not only did we siphon gas, but it was ALWAYS stored (safely mind you) in a clear gallon jug.  Common sense ruled….it wasn’t until stupidity came along that we were required to use color coded containers with spill proof do-thing-a-ma-flobbies, which are much like safety lids on pill bottles!  Common sense and education went hand-in-hand; once you siphoned gas up your nose, you NEVER did it again!

In my married life we mainly lived in communities, neighborhoods, which usually meant, judgemental neighbors nearby.  On one of our moves, be purchased an extremely nice Cape Cod house in a fantastic neighborhood on a cul-de-sac.  Quite, peaceful area, but from the cul-de-sac, our back yard fronted the main through-the-neighborhood road.  Which made our backyard visible by everyone else front yards.  On Saturday mornings, my wife I would take our coffee into our backyard summer season porch and watch the dandelions turn from yellow to white.  All of the visible front yards were “flowerless”.  Ours was the yard filled with Indigo Buntings, eating those dandelion seeds.  Yet, in this small town, I knew we were the talk of the community, after all, most residents had lawn care specialists for their flowers.  As we succumbed to the specialists, the Buntings left.

Finally, FINALLY!! we left the neighborhoods behind and moved into the country.  As our visitors look upon the yard…the small yard that it is, they must be thinking what a bag of weed and feed would do!  If they only knew, weed and feed would kill every blade of green whatever I have growing in the yard.  I do wish, however, that I did not have that mold stuff growing in the space where grass used to grow.

Ok, so I don’t have to mow the mold, fungus or whatever it is…..but it really doesn’t look very good.  On the other hand, I really can’t see the mold when I’m sitting in the boat!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to The Yard

  1. Cyhthia says:

    Is the mold green? If it is then what’s the problem? 🙂

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