Who Am I?

I began to wonder, the other day, who people think I am, or for that matter, who I think I am…

Here’s how it all began.  I have reached that time in my life, here in the United States,  where, what some economists call the dreaded ENTITLEMENTS kick in.  That’s where I’ve paid into something all my life and I now get to experience the benefits…(certain economists think that all of those that paid in, should not get benefits, but that everyone else who didn’t pay in, gets to use my benefits!  — (sorry, I got side tracked onto political commentary!!)

Any way, I got this card, indicating that I would be able to show/use it at doctors, hospitals etc.  I’ve had this card for a couple of months…then I really looked closely at the name.  The name on it was/is T, yet T is not my true name.  It now becomes necessary to explain how my father’s family did things.  My paternal grandfather was named; C.W. and they called him C.  He wanted is  son to be named after him; so, they also named him C. W, but they called him (my dad), W.  My dad had a son, (me), who he wanted to be named after him so they named me W.T., but, they called me T.

So, years ago, when I turned 16, my father took me to the whatever office, to get registered with Social Security, they asked; “What’s his name.”  T, my dad responded.  So, who cares?  I’ve been T all my life, but now I’m looking at this card, and I’m wondering, all of my other official documents, the other insurances, and the IRS all know me as W.T.–now I’m wondering, maybe I’ll have a problems getting my entitlements–after all economists are looking for ways to cut down on the entitlement payouts. (sorry, there I go again)

WAIT!!  I now remember, when I was 18, I registered with the Draft Board…there, to preserve the Social Security thing, I was registered as T. W. !!!!  In those years when you went into the military, they NEVER used your social security number, rather, you got you own “special” number…which is emblazoned in my memory as well as my social security number.

Now, I’m in a panick!  I may not only NOT get my entitlements, but the Army, will think the W.T shirked his obligation 40 years ago, and I’ll probably be RE-drafted!!  What am I to do?  I can’t do five push-ups, let alone 50, and those rope ladders, I’d get all tangled and be left hanging upside down by some drill sergeant!

Who am I?  I decided to call the medical side of the SYSTEM,  they said, “hey, no problem….we’ll just go off the number anyway!….maybe, I’m just talking off my head here, but you could call the Social Security side”…. Nice advice, but you really can’t call them…so I got on their Web site, and decided to email my problem to them….but the email,  just churned and churned and was never sent….after all, this was W.T. writing and there is no W.T.   I think I got kicked out of their system as an imposter….

So, here I sit, still wondering who I am.  I guess taht the first time I need to use this entitlement, I’ll find out who I am…that is if the economists, and “others” haven’t given my entitlement to EXXON! (Oops there I go again, commenting)


About tgriggs17

Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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2 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Cyhthia says:

    Well, maybe it won’t matter too much in a while. Sometimes even now I don’t even remember what my name is!! 🙂

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