James Taylor

It was Saturday night, and LATE night, wait–I had passed night and it was really morning.  We had driven 2 and half hours to celebrate a birthday lunch with three of our grandchildren.  Three of them, 11, 9 and 5 were born within weeks of each other.  So we decided to celebrate their events all at one time and then return home.  Sleepy, I was, on the return.  For some reason upon arriving home, my wife thought some coffee would be good idea, and it was!  Naturally, I drank most of it.

I watched a couple of TV shows, then the late news (late news here is at 11 pm) , and two shows after the news…..please remember from prior blogs,  that cable TV doesn’t know my area exists, (and AT&T believes that the telephone lines laid  (in 1967) before the “breakup” of AT&T, when AT&T was known as MA Bell telephone company, should be sufficient for those country boys down that road).  So here I was, watching antenna TV, infomercials, at 3 AM Sunday morning, James Taylor was before my eyes.  It was the James Taylor of the era that the telephone lines were laid, he had shoulder length hair!  Boy how things have changed.  Then I remembered, I probably have 80% less hair I had 40 years ago.

In 1976 we were at Lake Bemidji, Mn, at the Clear Vu resort.  My family, my parents and grandparents each had cabins.  My grandparents formerly closest friends had purchased a resort on Lake Bemidji in 1946 and although the resort had since sold, the friends still lived in town.  We met at Denny’s for pie and coffee late one evening.  Johnny said he could only drink Decaf coffee or he wouldn’t be able to sleep.  I scoffed at that, and guzzled down the regular stuff.

So here it was 3 AM, and I’m looking at a James Taylor with hair, and I thought of this blog.  As a mature responsible adult, OK!  Let’s just leave it as an adult, some, would question BOTH mature and responsible.  As an adult, there are just somethings that I should share with you…..because no one else will.

As you get older………you’re body changes!!  Ok, so somethings are obvious;

Your hair changes color. Later it (your hair) falls out, so, you wind up not having hair where you want it.  Then again, you begin getting hair where you don’t want it (why is that?), like in your ears or up your nose.

Let’s talk taste buds–My favorite breakfast, in my younger days, was bacon and eggs.  Although in my youth, breakfasts were usually cereal, or toast, I longed for the bacon and eggs for every breakfast.  Bacon, now, is no longer on my breakfast menu.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like to have bacon, and it’s not that I think it’s unhealthy..I no longer taste the bacon!  The bacon taste buds, no longer function, either through age or alergies……they are function-less.  Connected to this is also the fact that ability to smell bacon frying has disappeared.

When I was younger, visiting my grandparents, they always made the strongest coffee.  My parents said it was because they were losing their taste buds.  I used to make my coffee, 3 scoops for a 12 cup pot, now it’s 4 scoops (and slightly rounded!) I think my bacon and coffee taste buds must be related!!!

You used to see that little whatever, hanging over your belt in front?  Now, it’s not little, it’s over the front AND the sides, AND you can you remember if you even put the belt on?  Then again, did I zip my pants?  How do you check out your zipper when you’re standing in line at the McDonald’s?

You can tell what I had for lunch, by the spots on my shirt.  (Wait, I think I’m turning into my grandfather.)

That pizza, chips and salsa that you can eat at 10pm when you’re 20, had better be eaten at 4pm when you’re 60, OR at least have a large supply of Tums available.

At 60, garlic, raw onions, tabasco, and jalapeno are no longer on the edible food items.

What happened to my grip?  I can grab the jar grip the lid, I can grunt..(better not grunt to hard or there might be an accident!)…but the lids are more difficult to twist.  (They must be putting these jars lids on tighter.)

Aches and pains that once healed in 2 days, now takes 5 or more!

I don’t tell you this to frighten you….it’s just that you need to be aware of what is coming…..there will be other things, also…..but you’ll learn those first-hand.

It was 4:30 in the morning, and I was still thinking about James Taylor with hair, and I just knew I had to write this blog!!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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2 Responses to James Taylor

  1. Cyhthia says:

    You are so right! Wow, I can really relate…what does that mean??

  2. Aging! I bought a fake ponytail the other day, tied my real hair into a ponytail, then clipped the fake one to it. I thought I looked great with my luscious, long locks. But then my daughter dropped by the home place and said, “Mom, you’re too old to have hair like that.”

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