The Pinnacle

I’ve never been a person that’s enjoyed the game of scrabble.  I’m so busy trying to correctly spell my 3 and 4 letter words all the while the english lingual guru’s are racking up the points with their 14 letter words.  Sometimes, as my wife has so noted, that my understanding of a word is miles away from everyone else’s.

So it must be, that I have spent six decades in a state of confusion about the word Pinnacle.  I had always assumed that it was the highest point of some structure or land.  As it might relate to work or a profession, it would be the highest job or classification you could achieve.  If I were discussing a product, NONE IS BETTER.

We built our retirement “dream” home, and chose to make it as efficient as possible, here in the middle midwest.  We were led to the creme de la creme of the heating units, made in Pennsylvania.  The Peerless PINNACLE PI-199 Gas Boiler.  I don’t usually waste my time with a current product reviews, but this one I must do, a unit with 95% efficiency, and variable speed.

The unit was everything stated, it was efficient, and variable speed, but was it cost-effective and was it quality?  The PINNACLE was installed in 2003.  But in the first 18 months, I had to have its blower replaced, in fact every 18 months the blower had to be replaced.  The blower fins were made from a bakelite type substance which disintegrated.  It the midst of this period, the builder, installer, wholesaler and Peerless Company Service Manager, visited us for a consultation (actually they visited in my basement around the Peerless PINNACLE PI-199 Boiler, I was relegated to the kitchen.  I quickly noted that the Service Manager was not here rectify the problem but to rather to place blame, away from the company. Two more blowers down the road and finally, finally, the company made a replacement blower with metal fins, I have a backup bakelite blower on the shelf.

You know how your favorite pet begins to act “funny” just before they’re about to die.  The animal is not its self.  Well the boiler, began acting funny last week, not cycling correctly.  It was tested and determined that the control board was malfunctioning.  Two days of calls and guess what.  Peerless gave up this PINNACLE boiler and have moved on to 3rd and 4th generations boilers.  This leaves me in the situation that NO replacement products are available nationwide. Also there has never been support or service.

Peerless, has become one of those companies we hated in the 1970’s,those that made cars.  Can you remember those years, when US Auto manufacturers/workers, did not take pride in their products.  Cars died right after the 36,000 mile warranty expired, usually before 42,000 miles, or six months BEFORE the car was paid off.

Peerless has achieved the same level of lackluster pride.  I am about to replace my Peerless PINNACLE with a better quality product, one that can be trusted, that has the backing and support of the people who built it.  Today, that looks like anyone OTHER than Peerless!

Now, it looks like I need to adjust my understanding of Pinnacle, and redefine it to the lowest, most troublesome products that Peerless manufactures.  The PI-199.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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