The After Life

The After Life, is a subject that all of us ponder in our lifetime.  I have completed a lot of research on the After Life and I have discovered that the answer falls into TWO major classifications;  a.  there is an after life, b.  there is not an after life.  I can further analyze a. and b. into other subsets…but that’s not really where I’m going.

Those of you who follow this blog will undoubtedly remember the Ghosts and Goblins, written previously.  Some talk of seeing the light, or not,  others talk of their life passing before them or not, but I have two stories that I would like to share.

First–This is an in family, account shared by my wife’s grandmother to my wife.  My wife’s grandfather was on his death-bed, in and out of consciousness. Both the grandmother and a daughter, took turns at his side.  He was there in the bed for weeks, before he left us.  On many of his returns to consciousness he spoke of seeing formerly living friends and family, as if they were in a room greeting him.  Upon returning from one of his deep, deep times of unconsciousness, he stated “I told them I wasn’t ready, I was going to wait for Eva.”  How amazing!  Eva, was his unwed, middle daughter.  A couple of weeks later, he passed, and Eva?  Eva passed eight months later!

Second–This story comes from a close friend, who while visiting his father in a nursing home, learned this account from a nurse.  The nurse was covering two wings of the nursing home.  Both of these wings were on “death-watch”, each wing having a person at death’s door.  The lady being watched in the east wing had spoken of earlier years with her husband, and joys they had dancing.  From the stories shared, in their earlier years, the couple had participated in dance contests and had been quite successful.  The lady died, quickly the attendants came for the body, the nurse then went to the north wing to check on the second near-death lady.  As the nurse checked the pulse, this second lady awoke and said, “Who were they?”  “Who was who?”, they nurse said.  “Who was that lovely couple dancing in the hallway?”, she asked.  There had not been anyone dancing in the hallway.

Both of these accounts are true, which is what we need to fill that void of the unknown (or the unbelieving)  Some of us believe in Heaven and Hell, others do not, while others believe only in a heaven.

I wonder why we call it the After Life?  Maybe……just maybe,  we have it all WRONG!  Maybe it’s not AFTER LIFE, after all, maybe……….. just maybe…… it’s THE LIFE, and we are just hanging out here in Pre-Life.  All this pre-life is just pre-time for Life To Come.

I know where I’m going, do you?

As for me and my house, we’ll serve the Lord.


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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