Pie in the Sky

Pie in the sky….  I wonder how that phrase originated.  Probably has nothing to do with pie…

We were recently returning from a spring break.—-Oh, yeah, older folks who don’t do snow birding, still take a southerly break.  I was looking at a 16 hour  return drive…so we veered off for a bite….I did something I usually only think about,.  I chose dessert first!!

I saw this picture of Dutch Apple Pie A-la-mode, with a drizzle of caramel all over it.  When I was finished, my wife says, “was that as good as mine?”  I have  NOT been married for four decades, to the same trap-laying woman, without knowing how to avoid a snare.  So, I said, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!  So, she says, is mine as good as your mom’s?  Now, I’m in the corner.

My mind wandered back to my youth. Grandma could cook a Thanksgiving meal for the family that filled eight bowls of different foods, with rolls and desert and have it all done as we sat down to the table.  Mom, did the same thing for the Christmas dinners.  After we were married and as the grandparents passed, so did the cooking, and so my wife prepared the big meals.  You will find, as time goes by, for some reason, it just gets harder and harder to cook as many different things at one time and still have them all ready at the same time…even with two ovens, a microwave and a grill!

But pie, even if we don’t have as many different food groups for the meal…the pie is still supreme.  I used to only like cake!!  But pie, with crust from scratch.  I suppose, some day, this too will change.

I can not talk about pie without sharing this story.  Have you ever heard the old song, “Can she bake a cherry pie Billy Boy, Billy Boy?”  Well, Billy can be my nickname!  When we began dating, my father asked if the girl I was dating could bake a cherry pie from scratch.  This seemed to be some sort of test that dad was putting out there.  Mom, wasn’t too happy that dad set that test before us!

So, my wife-to-be, (although she had not yet ben asked to be the Mrs.) baked a cherry pie from scratch. Oh, MAN was that good–flaky crust and all!! Everyone really enjoyed it

Good look’n woman and she could bake too!!!  Yep, that was my Pie in the Sky!!


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Son, Husband, Father, Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, dotes over the grandchildren, enjoys friends.
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One Response to Pie in the Sky

  1. My son always liked eating at my mom’s house because “she has lots of bowls on the table.”

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