Wheels Part 2

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In the previousl blog I was discussing wheels-that was our vernacular for cars.  For years, I had placed a 1960 Corvette, on my Christmas wish list.  One year I actually got one, but it was a model, that I had  put together.

My very first car, WAS a birthday gift.   Ok, I know what you’re thinking…NICE GIFT!!!  Well, yes it was, but it was about 10 years old, a 1953 Ford, 4-door, automatic, overhead valve, straight 6.  I have a summer birthday, so I was able to drive it to my summer work, baling hay.  It was an ok looking car, but not a “girl head turning” car.  There were massive holes in the trunk near the rear wheels.  I stuffed the holes with large amounts of rags.  We lived on 5 miles of gravel road.  Dust, came in the trunk, around the back seat and fogged the drivers view and breathing/coffing dust….clear vision necessitated rolling down the drivers window so the wind drove the dust back (note: I said rolling down, that’s with a hand crank).  Fall came, and the rule was I couldn’t drive to school, so we parked the car in the barn. In a couple of months my father came to me and asked if I would give up my car?  My uncle had fallen on hard times, and needed a vehicle to get to work…did I want to give it up my first car??  NO.  But, how would that make me look? Selfish! I’ve got a car parked in the barn, doing nothing, and he has no car.  Thanksgiving!!  I watch the car drive away.

The next summer, I had enough money for a replacement.  I must have driven around 5 counties, pricing.  I priced some of them twice.  I think it was mom that said I’d better made up my mind, I was burning up a lot of family gas, driving around the country.  While my dad was again out-of-town on a business trip, I made my selection, paid my money and  I made arrangements  for delivery.

Saturday and my dad was home from the trip……the delivery truck arrived right after breakfast.

Farmall H tractor photo

Hey!!  We already had two cars and a pickup truck in the family (for three drivers) , but only ONE tractor.  Dad always got to “play” (use) the tractor when we worked in the woods.  This was a great tractor!!!!


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