Things Change Over Time

Post #107

I can remember things or more appropriately the lack of things that we had or did from my childhood that would amaze the current teenager or younger person.  Like I can recall when traveling as a child, we rarely ate at restaurants, that was too expensive….my grandmother and mother would pack enough food that we could picnic until we arrived at our destination.  There were NO “drive-through”, let a lone “fast food” locations.  But things change over time.

I look back at my engagement years (yes, engagements really lasted more than 3 weeks), and I can see that my wife-to-be had established goals to mold me into a new person.  I don’t want you to think that I was “stuck” in my ways, but I grew up in the 60’s. Living in the country in the middle midwest, I either wore navy blue or gray slacks to school.  The slacks were complemented with shirts of solid blue, blue striped or occasional white.   Blue jeans were restricted to weekends, working in the woods or with cattle, etc.  The only variation to my color coordination was in the “authorized” color of class cords, (corduroys) pants; green-freshman, red-sophomores, ???juniors (I think we juniors were too uppity to wear cords), and yellow for seniors.  And of course, only seniors were allowed to decorate, paint their cords with “acceptable” designs-I still have my senior cord….for display ONLY, wearing them is out of the question.

Realization, about my wife’s ulterior plans, came to light the christmas she bought me an expensive, tweed sport jacket-green.  GREEN!!!  Green wasn’t on MY color chart.  I recall her feelings were hurt, that I didn’t make over the wonderful gift.  More than forty years have gone by since then, and I’ve changed quite a bit……well, I have ONE green shirt in my closet, but I have reds, burgundy’s, tan’s and yellows.  Ok, ok, so they don’t get worn extensively, but they do get worn.  Things change over time.

Not being set in my ways, I was 50 when I began (occasionally) wearing golf shirts.   First of all, I don’t golf, and secondly, my body doesn’t lend itself to making a golf shirt look adorable on me.  But, by the time your 50, most self conscientiousness is out the window, what you see is what you get!!!

Here I am, now in my 60’s, and the next great hurdle has been broached.  I thought my wife would faint, the day I came home with a pair of sandals  I’ve never had sandals before.  She instructed, actually threatened me, NOT to wear socks with my new sandles.  I’ve never had sandles before because of my feet.  First I need lots of arch support, and I’ve seen limited choices in arch supporting casual wear, such as sandals.  More, importantly, however, are my toes.  Now, I think feet are pretty near perfect, the toes are symmetrically aligned, all in descending order, etc.  I’ve seen many a sandals sport a foot with a toe “out of alignment”.  And yet, my family used to make fun of my perfectly aligned feet!  I was modest, my sandals almost look like shoes with a couple slits here and there.  Very little bare skin can even be seen.  As bold as I am, I don’t want anyone making fun of my naked, perfectly aligned toes.

Yep, Things change over time…..wonder what my next life change will be? Maybe I’ll start spraying that paint on my balding spots on my head?


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Retired, CPA, enjoy freshwater fishing, being with my grandchildren, friends and family
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